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This coming Wednesday, the 8th of April, Jurgen Klinsmann will lead his men to Nou Camp in Barcelona, and by the looks of things, it’ll be like lambs for the slaughter.

“It is not comfortable to return with such a result to Munich.” Bayern came to Wolfsburg who held a nearly flawless record at home this season before the game, and it stayed that way. Despite equalizing on the brink of half time from injury returnee Luca Toni, Bayren collapsed in the middle of the second half and conceded 4 goals in 14 minutes. The end Result? If you did your math right, yes, 5-1.

To recap, Christian Gentner scored for the hosts in the 44th minute to take the lead but a minute later Luca Toni was able to equalize and take the teams down at the half level at 1-1. 18 minutes into the second half Edin Dzeko put Wolfsburg ahead, and 3 minutes later added another one, putting his tally this season at  15. By the way, Dzeko is one of the hottest players in Europe right now, capping off a wonderful week for him after he scored 3 goals in both Bosnia wins over Belgium in 2010 World Cup qualifiers.

Bayern were broken and Grafite finished them off, with his 5th goal probably entering every highlight reel in the football shows across Europe and will be a strong contender for goal of the season. Grafite also climbed to the top of the scoring charts in Germany with his 19th and 20th goals.

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Meanwhile, west of there, Barcelona played in Valladolid and beat them with a Samuel Etoo goal, his 26th of the season.

Barca didn’t look their best in the game, but playing in Valladolid is no easy game. They will be playing at home when Bayern come for the 1st leg of Champions League Quarter Finals, and Barcelona this year are a team who smell blood and act on it. The way Bayern looked today, especially it’s defense and goalkeeper, was abysmal. That 12-1 win aggregate win against Sporting Lisbon suddenly seems ages ago, and Klinsmann will need to do some serious work with his players so that the 2nd leg in Munich isn’t just a protocol game. I’m not sure he can. Not because he isn’t a good coach, but just for the reason Bayern’s back side this season is mediocre at best but is beaten easily when teams attack them aggressively on the ground with a quick ground passing game. Bayern have conceded 36 goals now in 26 games in league play, not impressive numbers. The last 2 games Barca played at home made the visiting keeper take the ball out of his net 11 times. How many times will Rensing repeat that action? He needs to conjure a perfect game and hope his front line do the same so the image below doesn’t repeat itself numerous times on Wednesday.

Rensing on his knees

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