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Charlotte McKinney

20 Babes of the Day in Bikinis to Hint that Summer is Getting Closer

Posted on 11 Feb, 2016, by in Babes

While it’s still winter according to the calendar, it goes get warmer most of the time during February, making a photo gallery of stunning women in bikinis more appropriate. More

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Babes of the Day – Hannah Ferguson, Charlotte McKinney and Much More (13 photos)

Posted on 27 Jan, 2016, by in Babes

It’s really cold outside, at least where we are and from the pictures we see on the Internet, a lot of people seem to be surrounded by snow and freezing temperatures too. So what’s better than a hot post with some of the world’s sexiest ladies to help us get over the winter chills? More

Paula Labaredas Slave Leia

Babe of the Day – Paula Labaredas in a Princess Leia Slave Costume Cosplay

Posted on 17 Jan, 2016, by in Babes

Some things don’t need any explaining. This is Paula Labaredas doing some Cosplay as Princess Leia in the slave costume, which she wears for a very short time in Return of the Jedi, but is probably her most memorable Star Wars moment. More

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Babe of the Day – Emily Ratajkowski (13 Photos)

Posted on 10 Jan, 2016, by in Babes

After giving the Babes of the Year some airtime, it’s now the moment to head back to the daily goodness of Babe of the Day, with Emily Ratajkowski honoring us with her beautiful, sexy presence. More

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Babes of the Year – 15 Ladies We Couldn’t Stop Thinking About

Posted on 27 Dec, 2015, by in Babes

It’s the end of the year, so instead of giving you just one girl, why not spread the love between our favorites of 2015? More

Hot Cowboys Cheerleader

Babes of the Day – NFL Cheerleaders in Christmas Spirit (21 Photos)

Posted on 23 Dec, 2015, by in Babes

Christmas is about family, food, vacation, snow, great-cheesy music and also NFL cheerleaders dressing up in skimpy outfits with a very slight connection to the holiday. But, being a sports … More

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Babe of the Day – Hannah Davis (15 Photos)

Posted on 7 Dec, 2015, by in Babes

For our second ‘Babe of the Day’ we went with another Sports Illustrated star, the lovely Hannah Davis, who was on the cover for the 2015 Swimsuit Issue. The 25-year … More

Genevieve Morton Pink Bikini

Babe of the Day – Genevieve Morton (12 Photos)

Posted on 6 Dec, 2015, by in Babes

For our first Babe of the Day post, we thought about starting out with someone special, like Genevieve Morton, who looks great in a bathing suit, night dress or nothing much on during the perfect time for minimal clothing: Winter. More

Front & Back

20 Sexy Ladies to Get You Motivated for Another Week

Posted on 8 Nov, 2015, by in Babes

Some of the girls in this gallery are quite famous: From Kate Upton to Sara Jean Underwood, while others are complete unknowns or Instagram stars. The one thing in common? Well, there’s more than one, but basically, it has a lot to do with their hotness, and how it should help you in some way get some momentum for another grueling, endless work week. More

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Sexiest Emily Ratajkowski Gif in Existence

Posted on 16 Oct, 2015, by in Babes

Emily Ratajkowski might be the hottest girl in the world right now, and is a personal favorite of ours. This gif of her walking out of the water without too much on and her hands covering her breasts might also be the sexiest moment of her captured on camera. More