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Russell Westbrook injury

Oklahoma City Thunder – Russell Westbrook Injury Can be Disastrous

Posted on 1 Mar, 2015, by in Basketball

While Kevin Durant is out, Russell Westbrook has been doing everything to keep the Oklahoma City Thunder in the playoff picture and more. But his fluke injury by the hands (or more like knee) of his own teammate could be disastrous for the team’s postseason hopes if he’s out for a long time. More

Kawhi Leonard

San Antonio Spurs – Things Starting to Look Better

Posted on 1 Mar, 2015, by in Basketball

March comes, and with it the San Antonio Spurs immediately get better, beating the Phoenix Suns 101-74 behind an excellent game from Kawhi Leonard, making it two in a row and signaling to the rest of the Western conference that it might be time to take them seriously once again. More

Deron Williams

Dallas Mavericks – Rajon Rondo Returning Doesn’t Make Things Better

Posted on 1 Mar, 2015, by in Basketball

The return of Rajon Rondo from a one game suspension didn’t help the Dallas Mavericks get back to their winning ways, losing 104-94 to the Brooklyn Nets at home as Deron Williams played like the last few years of decline haven’t actually happened. More

Kentucky beat Arkansas

Kentucky Beat Arkansas – Getting Better as Time Goes By

Posted on 1 Mar, 2015, by in Basketball

Playing Arkansas is probably the last time Kentucky face a ranked team before the NCAA tournament, and they passed a slightly tricky test in flying colors with an 84-67 win over the second best team in the SEC. More

Knicks beat Raptors

New York Knicks – Turns Out They’re Not the Biggest Joke in the League

Posted on 1 Mar, 2015, by in Basketball

The Toronto Raptors are doing so badly that their losing streak just got a whole lot worse with a 103-98 loss to the New York Knicks of all teams, on most days the worst in the NBA. More

Damian Lillard, LaMarcus Aldridge

Oklahoma City Thunder – Russell Westbrook Triple Doubles Are Meaningless

Posted on 28 Feb, 2015, by in Basketball

The Oklahoma City Thunder might have a force of nature in Russell Westbrook, picking up triple doubles at a scary rate, but it isn’t helping them win too much, losing 115-112 to the Portland Trail Blazers, falling apart in the fourth quarter against an impressive shooting display from Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge. More

Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors – Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson Great Against Dysfunctional Teams

Posted on 28 Feb, 2015, by in Basketball

Some might say that the Golden State Warriors running all over the Toronto Raptors (113-89) with fantastic games for both Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson says something about the East vs West disparity, but it probably has more to do with their opponents being a team that’s falling off the rails and playing some of the most painfully bad basketball in the league at the moment. More

Spurs finally win

San Antonio Spurs – The Bad Days Are Over, For Now

Posted on 28 Feb, 2015, by in Basketball

After losing four games in a row, the San Antonio Spurs finally get to taste victory, beating the short handed Sacramento Kings 107-96, leaving them just one game before the end of the rodeo road trip and then some well deserved rest. More

James Harden

Houston Rockets – Terrence Jones is Next in the Helping James Harden Line

Posted on 28 Feb, 2015, by in Basketball

The Houston Rockets beat the Brooklyn Nets 102-98 to make it four in a row, but James Harden is hitting a rough patch in the season, possibly due to fatigue. Luckily for him, there’s someone else stepping up to make things easier for him in each game. More

Jimmy Butler

Chicago Bulls – Derrick Rose Keeps Influencing the Mood

Posted on 28 Feb, 2015, by in Basketball

The moods swings the Chicago Bulls go through are directly linked to the optimism from the procedure Derrick Rose went through and the hope of him coming back before the beginning of the NBA playoffs, leading to a 96-89 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. More