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Tim Duncan

10 Oldest Players in the 2014 NBA Playoffs

Posted on 22 Apr, 2014, by in Basketball, Featured

Older teams are usually more successful when it comes to winning NBA titles, so there’s no surprise quite a few teams in the NBA playoffs have two or more veterans among the top 10 oldest players in the postseason, with the Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls and the San Antonio Spurs each represented by two players on this list. More

Mike Woodson

NBA Head Coaches Fired at the End of the Season

Posted on 22 Apr, 2014, by in Basketball, Featured

Not all head coaches who left their teams at the end or during the 2013-14 NBA regular season were fired. Tyrone Corbin didn’t get his contract picked up by the Utah Jazz. Rick Adelman retired from coaching altogether, but the Minnesota Timberwolves wouldn’t have kept him. Maurice Cheeks was fired mid-season by the Detroit Pistons, while Mike Woodson got the axe from the New York Knicks a week after he failed to make the playoffs. More

Kevin Durant Over LeBron James

Kevin Durant Beats LeBron James – MVP & Changing of the Guard

Posted on 17 Apr, 2014, by in Basketball, Featured

Is it safe to say that Kevin Durant is the best player in the NBA, better than LeBron James? Some wait for an NBA championship ring to be put on Durant’s finger, but when looking specifically at what each player does and not what he wins with his team, James, for the first time over the last five seasons, is inferior to someone. More

Aaron Gordon

More Players Declaring Early for the 2014 NBA Draft

Posted on 16 Apr, 2014, by in Basketball, Featured

More underclassmen are declaring for the 2014 NBA Draft as the deadline approaches, with the two Arizona stars, Aaron Gordon and Nick Johnson, joining those who have already made the choice. Michigan also lose two big time players in Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson III, both leaving after two years. More

Carmelo Anthony

NBA Playoffs – No Celtics, Knicks & Lakers For the First Time Ever

Posted on 13 Apr, 2014, by in Basketball, Featured

The two royal dynasties of the NBA are the Boston Celtics with their 17 championships, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers winning 16. The New York Knicks only have two, but they’re a special part of the league’s history, and for the first time all three teams aren’t going to be in the playoffs, while Carmelo Anthony, part of his equation, missed the postseason for the first time in his career. More

Bayern Munich

The 4 Teams in the 2014 Champions League Semifinals

Posted on 10 Apr, 2014, by in Featured, Soccer

The 2014 UEFA Champions League semifinals has three teams that have won the competition in the past: Real Madrid (nine times), Bayern Munich (five times) and Chelsea (once). Atletico Madrid have been to the finals once. More

Andrew Wiggins

Players Declaring Early for the 2014 NBA Draft So Far

Posted on 9 Apr, 2014, by in Basketball, Featured

There’s still time for players to declare themselves eligible for the 2014 NBA Draft, but we’ve already got pretty big names coming forward like Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid from Kansas after only one year, while Marcus Smart also heads to the pros, probably a year too late. More


Teams With the Most NCAA Tournament Championships

Posted on 8 Apr, 2014, by in Basketball, Featured

With a fourth national championship, UConn join an elite group that includes Duke, Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina and UCLA of basketball programs to win the NCAA Tournament at least four times. More

A Football

College Athletes Unionizing – Alabama & Texas Make More Money Than the NHL & Most of the NBA

Posted on 7 Apr, 2014, by in Basketball, Featured, Football

Once College Basketball for 2014 is over, the main thing in college sports that will grab the headlines will be the first steps in the attempt of college athletes, mostly football players, to unionize with the main goal starting to get paid for their services to universities, which means being given a piece of the huge money pie that is College Athletics, mostly coming from TV Deals. More

UConn Celebrations

The Teams in the 2014 NCAA Tournament National Championship Game

Posted on 6 Apr, 2014, by in Basketball, Featured

For the first time ever in Division I college basketball, the final of the NCAA Tournament will be between a #7, the UConn Huskies and a #8, the Kentucky Wildcats, seeds, in a championship game that only 0.01% of those with brackets predicted would come through. More