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Beautiful People are Happier Only When They Think About it

Posted on 22 Feb, 2016, by in Miscellaneous

It’s not enough to be good looking in order to be happier than the regular “ugly” folks. You also need to think about how much better looking you are than the rest of the mundane population. More

Legal Marijuana Sales in the United States Overtake Doritos, Cheetos and Funyuns Combined

Posted on 4 Feb, 2016, by in Miscellaneous

According to ArcView Market Research and New Frontier Data, two marijuana industry market research groups, Americans spend more on legal marijuana then on Doritos, Cheetos and Funyuns combined. More

Google, According to the Church of Scientology, Gave Them Almost $6 Million in Free Advertising

Posted on 1 Feb, 2016, by in Miscellaneous

Religion? Cult? Business setup in order to profit and nothing more? The relevance and legitimacy of Scientology is one of the more controversial topics one might think of, but it’s a recognized religion in the United States since 1993, which gives it a tax-exempt status. Turns out they got a lot of free publicity off of Google thanks to that status. More

Elkmont, Alabama Half Marathon Made Famous Thanks to Ludivine the Dog

Posted on 27 Jan, 2016, by in Miscellaneous

The small town of Elkmont in Alabama gets its day in the spotlight thanks to Ludivine, a local hound dog that ran a half marathon after leaving its own backyard, wandered to the starting line of the Trackless Train Trek and finished with a time of 1:32:56, which would have placed her at seventh place. More

A Year With No Deaths is New to Alaskan Commercial Fishing

Posted on 19 Jan, 2016, by in Miscellaneous

From October 1 in 2014 to September 30 in 2015, there were no operations-related deaths in the Alaskan commercial fishing industry, the first one year period with no fishing-related casualties in the industry, which is well known for its death toll and dangerous reputation. More

For Men, Having Daily Orgasms Keeps Prostate Cancer Away

Posted on 29 Dec, 2015, by in Miscellaneous

A study by Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women Hospital confirms rather than reveals that men having one orgasm a day significantly lower one’s chances of developing prostate cancer, described as the most common non-skin cancer among American men. More

24 Best Memes of Steve Harvey Getting the Miss Universe Winner Wrong

Posted on 21 Dec, 2015, by in Miscellaneous

If meme makers were going crazy after the Miss Universe pageant, it was only because this usually boring ceremony became legendary when host Steve Harvey (the Family Feud guy) got the winner wrong, calling out Miss Colombia first only to take the crown away from her and give it to Miss Phillippines. More

6 Sports Video Games for Sale on Black Friday Deals

Posted on 27 Nov, 2015, by in Miscellaneous

Among the many things for sale on Black Friday Deals are video games, including those for sports fans like EA Sports’ NHL 16, FIFA 16 and Need for Speed, with Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, Forza Motorsport 6 and MLB 15: The Show also included. Considering the mayhem in stores right now, enhancing your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One experience from the comfort of your home is priceless. More

10 Most Expensive Sports Memorabilia on Amazon

Posted on 26 Nov, 2015, by in Miscellaneous

On the list of the 10 most expensive sports memorabilia items, one would mostly find baseball stuff: A Babe Ruth signed ball from the 1918 World Series and a Mickey Mantle bat from 1953, among other things. But there’s also one of the most impressive collection of NHL jerseys and basketball cards by Fleer, although the one that stands out the most is the unique Florida Gators motorcycle, signed by the one and only Tim Tebow. More

Los Angeles Clippers Fan Makes Great Song About Epic Collapses

Posted on 22 Nov, 2015, by in Miscellaneous, NBA

Being a Los Angeles Clippers fan isn’t easy, even with a team stacked with talent like it is right now. Epic collapse after epic collapse are hard to take, so Matt Johnson decided to vent and let it out by writing and posting a hilarious song about the situation on YouTube. More