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2013 All Star Jerseys

Jerseys for 2013 NBA All-Star Game

Posted on 16 Jan, 2013, by in Miscellaneous

While we still don’t know the starters of the All-Star game situation, the league has released the designs for the jerseys the West and East teams will be wearing. More

Roger Federer

Roger Federer – Still Hungry For Grand Slam Titles

Posted on 9 Jan, 2013, by in Tennis

It’s not that Roger Federer isn’t among the favorites to win the 2013 Australian Open, but lets just say it will be a tad surprising if he lifts his 18th Grand Slam tournament in Melbourne. More

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic – The Favorite Going into the Australian Open

Posted on 9 Jan, 2013, by in Tennis

It wasn’t a super-dominant year for Novak Djokovic in 2012, but he was still on top of the ATP rankings when the season ended. Heading into the first Grand Slam of 2013 he’s favorite to win. More

Belo Horizonte Prostitutes

World Cup 2014 – Brazilian Prostitutes Getting Ready

Posted on 9 Jan, 2013, by in Miscellaneous

To make more money off the hordes of fans (and maybe players) arriving in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup, Prostitutes have begun brushing up on their English. More

Marquez Pacquiao knockout

Manny Pacquiao – Do we Need a Fifth Juan Manuel Marquez Fight

Posted on 6 Jan, 2013, by in Boxing

One loss doesn’t mean the end of a career, but a knockout loss sure feels like one. Maybe that’s why Manny Pacquiao is looking for some redemption in a fifth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez. More

Usain Bolt

Best Sport Photos of 2012

Posted on 31 Dec, 2012, by in Miscellaneous

What was 2012 like? Each Olympic year is dominated by that summer event, more than anything else. Yes, we had the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl, LeBron James winning his first NBA title while Chelsea made history in the Champions League and Sergio Aguero made his own history in the Premiership. Still, this was the year of the Olympic games in London. More

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather – What’s Left to Fight For

Posted on 29 Dec, 2012, by in Boxing

Legacy and money are what drive boxing forward. Mostly money. Titles? Their nice to have and hold up after wins, by their pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things. For Floyd Mayweather, which has all the legacy he can wish for, and probably all the money as well, there isn’t that much left out there to motivate him. More

Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez

Manny Pacquiao – At Least He Did Ok With the PPV

Posted on 26 Dec, 2012, by in Boxing

Despite whatever Manny Pacquiao said after getting knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez, you couldn’t shake the feeling that this was the end of a very glorious chapter in his career, and in boxing. No fight with Floyd Mayweather on the horizon, and everything won’t be the same again from this moment on. At least his PPV numbers didn’t disappoint. More

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal – An Elite Player Again or Not

Posted on 25 Dec, 2012, by in Tennis

The first thing Rafael Nadal probably wants to do after he plays his first tennis match since this last June is put his hands over his knees and see that everything is alright. Once that first match is out of the way, it’s on to conquering the top of the tennis world once again, step by step. Nadal is confident he has what it takes. More

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather – Robert Guerrero Fight Almost a Done Deal

Posted on 24 Dec, 2012, by in Boxing

Still not confirmed, and probably won’t be until the first week of January, but according to multiple sources, Floyd Mayweather will step into the ring for the first time since coming out of prison against Welterweight champion Robert Guerrero, which will probably happen on May 4, 2013. More