The BCS belongs to the SEC, everyone knows that. The first published standings of the season coming out, following week 7 of the 2012 College Football Season gives us the first controversial issue, as Florida rank second behind Alabama at number one, leaving Oregon, number 2 in the AP Poll, a spot behind the Gators.

Week 7 BCS Standings

BCSHarris PollUSA TodayComputer Rankings
4Kansas State.8963NR42538.890531307.88614245331.920
5Notre Dame.8774NR52427.851651251.84812321144.940
7South Carolina.6930NR71992.698981012.686178781099.700
8Oregon State.6808NR101850.649111839.56885494575.830
12Mississippi State.4846NR141348.473016671.4549127219161313.530
13West Virginia.4793NR151291.453015677.45901211121391715.530
14Florida State.4277NR81898.666010919.6231280000230.000
17Texas Tech.3572NR21534.187420274.1858791177217.700
18Texas A&M.3379NR19674.236519397.269214182311121211.510
22Boise State.1978NR23488.171222271.183720201320221823.240
24Iowa State.1139NRNR24.0084NR5.00341819171913016.330

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As you might know, the AP Poll isn’t included in the BCS stadings, using the Harris poll and Coaches poll besides the computer results. The highest ranked one loss team, just like it is in the AP Poll, are the LSU Tigers, at sixth, who still have a home game against Alabama down the road.

Iowa State make their first ever appearance in the BCS Standings, becoming the 84th team to make it in since 1998. An interesting fact regarding Alabama’s chances of staying at this position all the way – In the 14 previous BCS seasons, the team ranked No. 1 in the first BCS Standings has gone on to play in the title game seven times: Florida State (1999), Oklahoma (2003), USC (2004-05), Ohio State (2006-07), and LSU (2011). As we’ve said – the only real threats to Alabama’s chances of a 1-2 finish are their visit to LSU and later on, the SEC title game, which has been won by the SEC West over the last three years.

Teams debuting at No. 1 and No. 2 in initial Standings have made it to the BCS National Championship Game twice: No. 1 LSU, No. 2 Alabama (2011) and No. 1 USC, No. 2 Texas (2005). Teams debuting at No. 10 or below (lower) in the initial Standings have made it to the BCS National Championship Game twice: No. 12 LSU (2003) and No. 10 Florida (2008). So Florida are far from certain to win the SEC East – They still have to play both Georgia and South Carolina. On the other hand, it’s difficult seeing anyone out of the top 10 making it to the national championship game.