The second edition of the BCS standing in the 2012 season still has the SEC dominating, with 4 teams (Alabama, Florida, LSU, Georgia) in the top 10, but the Pac-12 is just behind them with the Oregonians and USC. The Big 12 has two teams, with Kansas State climbing into the top 3, which drops Oregon, the number 2 team on the AP Poll into fourth.

3Kansas State.9111442571.894341326.89902145321.940
5Notre Dame.8512552374.825751221.82783432255.900
7Oregon State.7421882001.69609974.66035373464.870
11Mississippi State.526512121602.557212800.5424139208171812.480
12Florida State.492514101911.664710948.64272122221502320.170
13South Carolina.47977161189.413616598.4054101491210911.620
14Texas Tech.473617171074.373617571.38719101179109.660
19West Virginia.21781322363.126322173.117315171519131615.410
20Texas A&M.21231821465.161721229.15531720020121418.320
21Boise State.20702219762.265018407.275924231421000.080


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Three schools made their BCS standings debut this week – Michigan, becoming the first program to ever reach 900 wins after beating Michigan State; The Ohio Bobcats, still perfect at 7-0, and the Wisconsin Badgers, 6-2 so far, who aren’t ranked on the Harris poll or the AP Poll, the only team in the Top 25 not featuring on the human polls.

The interesting case for the Ohio Bobcats is that this is their first ever appearance in the BCS standings, becoming the 85th school since 1998 to make an appearance. Cincinnati, TCU and Iowa State found their way out after losing to Toledo, Texas Tech (#14) and Oklahoma State.

Chances regarding the national championship game? The team that has been ranked no.1 in the second week of the BCS standings has gone on to play in 10 times, including the last two: Auburn in 2010 and LSU in 2011. The number 2 team has gone on to play 7 times, including the last three: Alabama (twice) and Oregon. This year, with undefeated teams across the board, it won’t be 2011 all over again with two SEC teams in the NC game, although things can chage.

Since December 2, 2007, the SEC has had a team in one of the top two spots on 34 of the 35 BCS standings. Talk about conference domination. Besides the SEC, Kansas State after another impressive performance on both ends of the ball climbed to their highest ever ranking, tying their 1998 place of third. Notre Dame, another surprising undefeated team, it’s the first time with consecutive top 5 rankings since 2006.

More milestones? Oregon and Oregon State haven’t been both ranked in the top 10 of the BCS standings since 2000. This is also the first time two Big East schools (Rutgers, Lousiville) have been ranked in the top 20 since 2009. Ohio are the first MAC school to appear in the standings since 2010.

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