The SEC continues to dominate with a record five teams in the top 10, but it’s clear that Alabama are a leg ahead of the rest, dominating the number 1 spot. Kansas State, Notre Dame and LSU (without even playing) all enjoyed Florida losing to Georgia and falling to #7, while Oregon kept their #4 spot in the standings after beating one of the weakest teams in the nation.

2Kansas State.9400332656.923831366.92611133211.970
3Notre Dame.9147542553.888041307.88611221122.970
8South Carolina.596813111588.552311838.5681998111099.670
9Florida State.57431272193.762871121.76002118221225019.200
11Oregon State.55597131449.504013684.4637871168118.700
15Mississippi State.391311151231.428218569.385816141814212115.360
16Texas A&M.35932018996.346416592.40141820017161518.330
18Texas Tech.32421419604.210120284.192512121013131012.570
19Boise State.312321171142.397214634.4298232212210024.110
21West Virginia.25121920554.192719326.221017211424181317.340
24Oklahoma State.0893NR25245.085224166.112525021023220.070
25Louisiana Tech.0784NR24304.105723191.129531000000.000
Four schools make their BCS standings debut this week. Nebraska, after beating Michigan 23-9, appeared at 20th; Arizona, after their 39-36 win over USC, showed up at #22; Oklahoma State beat TCU 36-14 and jumped to 24, while Louisiana Tech (7-1) beat New Mexico State 28-14, appearing at #25.
For the Bulldogs, it’s also their first ever appearance in the BCS standings, making it the 86th school to appear in the standings since they were created in 1998.

Four teams were dropped from the rankings this week – Rutgers fell from #15 after their loss to Kent State; Michigan dropped from #22 after losing to Nebraska; Ohio, losing to the Miami (OH) and Wisconsin, losing at home to Michigan State.

SEC dominance? Once again, a new record for the conference, placing five teams in the top 10. That’s a BCS first, to have a conference place five schools in the top 10. Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. The conference also extends its streak of having at least one team in the No. 1 or No. 2 position in 35 of the last 36 BCS Standings, dating back to Dec. 2, 2007.

Kansas State, who moved to number 2 for the first time in school history after their 55-24 win over Texas Tech, beat their previous #3 record achieved last week and also during the 1998 season for five consecutive weeks.

Notre Dame (#3) tied their highest BCS ranking ever from 2002. They have been in the top 5 for three consecutive weeks, something that has never happened to the Irish in the BCS era.

Louisville has cracked the top 10 of the BCS Standings for the first time since Dec. 3, 2006. The Cardinals’ position at No. 10 marks the first time a Big East team has been in the top 10 since Cincinnati (No. 3) in 2009.