For the first time this season, a new number one. The Week 10 BCS Standings feature the Kansas State Wildcats as the number one team in the nation, with Oregon coming in at second. What does this mean for Notre Dame, also undefeated? Unless Oregon and/or Kansas State lose, there’s a very small chance the Fighting Irish make the national championship game.

BCSHarris PollUSA TodayComputer Rankings
1Kansas State.9674222774.964921427.96752113222.970
3Notre Dame.9396432634.916231346.91251221111.990
8Texas A&M.662115101842.640710967.6556891088108.690
9South Carolina.63498111732.602411903.612288910989.690
10Florida State.60711062175.756561143.7749171617140016.290
16Oregon State.416111161081.376017490.332212111312131213.540
20Louisiana Tech.19112020728.253219413.280025022240024.040
23Texas Tech.14162222325.113025106.07192020160211523.240
24Oklahoma State.1088NRNR118.041024111.0753221918019190.210

It’s interesting to see how the computers give KSU the push, rankings second on both human polls, but first or second on five of the six comuters. Oregon are number one in both the Harris and the Coaches poll, but aren’t ranked higher than third on the computers. Notre Dame are either second or first on the computers, but are way behind the top two in the human polls. As they tend to go, unless Oregon or Kansas State lose, they’re going to the national title game.

What about the SEC? Places 4-9 are all SEC; Alabama, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Texas A&M and South Carolina. Georgia have clinched their SEC East crown and will be in the conference title game, while Alabama are probably in. Still, Alabama will need two of the three teams above them to lose in the next few weeks in order to make it to a third national title game in four years. Georgia also have an outside shot if two of the three lose and they manage to win the SEC.

As for Oregon’s number one status: The computers will probably give them a push in the next few weeks, with games against Stanford (#13), Oregon State (#16) and the Pac-12 title game all waiting in line. They won’t be knocked off the number one spot in the polls if they don’t lose, and the computer rankings can only get better. Kansas State have only Baylor and Texas left on the schedule, without any conference championship game. Notre Dame don’t have a conference championship game as well, with Wake Forest and USC waiting on the last day of their regular season.

Newcomers to the rankings this week: Michigan (#21) after beating Northwestern, Oklahoma State (#24) after beating West Virginia and Washington (#25) after beating Utah 34-15. Toledo, Northwestern and Mississippi State were dropped from the standings.