There weren’t that many questions left heading into the final weekend of the regular season in College Football, with one big mystery left to be solves – who joins Notre Dame in the BCS national championship game. Alabama, with a dramatic win over Georgia in the SEC Championship game, are the answer, giving Florida the boost it needed to make it into the Sugar Bowl.

1Notre Dame.9978112866.996911470.996611111111.000
5Kansas State.8226662332.811161190.80684335847.850
9Texas A&M.6756991991.692591039.7044101111109119.630
10South Carolina.660410101838.639310947.642099981088.700
12Florida State.504713121655.575712853.578316171415242115.360
13Oregon State.471615141280.445214663.449512131513131213.520
15Northern Illinois.32762116998.347116495.33561921121625NR12.300
19Boise State.251320151058.368015569.385831NR19NRNRNRNR.000
22Utah State.17872421660.229620334.226423NR1725NRNR19.080
24San Jose State.13462524110.074620201817NR2317.260
25Kent State.07721723330.1148NR84.056925NR1620NRNRNR.060

Northern Illinois, finishing the season as the MAC champions (beating Kent State 44-37 in a double overtime game) become the first non-AQ conference team to reach a BCS bowl (thanks to their #15 ranking, activating the automatic berth) despite having a loss this season.

This, plus the fact that a conference can’t have more than two teams in the BCS Bowls, has hurt a few teams expecting to find themselves in one of the big games after this weekend. The biggest upset in the whole arrangment are Oklahoma, who finish with an #11 ranking and their two losses coming against top 5 teams (Kansas State, Notre Dame). Still, the voters decided to give North Illinois just enough of a push to give them a BCS berth, while Oklahoma settle for the AT&T Cotton Bowl, facing Texas A&M, another team that felt they might have a shot at a BCS Bowl.

Not when Georgia, who were #3 in the nation heading into the weekend and get dropped after a 4 point loss to Alabama to #7, putting them in the Capital One Bowl vs Nebraska, another loser in a conference title game and the #16 team in the nation.

The Louisville Cardinals weren’t ranked last week but finish the season with a huge win over Rutgers, giving them a share of the BCS title and a place in a BCS Bowl, facing Florida in the BCS Bowl. Oklahoma State, who lost their final game of the season against Baylor, were the only team to drop out of the rankings.