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After scraping through and struggling at home, Barcelona finally let loose to remain perfect in the Spanish La Liga with a 5-0 win over Levante as Lionel Messi did score but once again looked at his best when setting up Neymar and Sandro, while Pedro and Ivan Rakitic scored as well.

This might be a somewhat new side of Barcelona that relies a bit too much on young players, but they’ve yet to concede a goal in their four wins so far this season, and even though sometimes it doesn’t flow as well as it did during the great years from 2009 to 2011, it seems to be developing into something special.

The first goal came in the 34th minute as Messi once again showed his passing skills by dropping back and feeding Neymar, putting the Brazilian in a one on one situation. Just before half time Ivan Rakitic scored a rocket of a rebound from outside the box, making Messi’s penalty miss seem less important all of a sudden.

From that moment on the struggles disappeared. Barcelona got their third goal as Sandro went on the scoresheet. Sergio Busquets fed Messi with a wonderful through ball, moving onward to Sandro and make it a three goal lead.

Six minutes later a brilliant exchange of passing with Jordi Alba and Sandro Ramirez Pedro was left alone in the box to look a little bit less frustrated than usual.

Lionel Messi finally got the goal he deserved after a huge mistake by Levante’s goalkeeper Jesus Fernandez, pretty much throwing the ball right into Messi’s feet, although the Argentine complicated things a bit before finally scoring.

Barcelona beat Levante e1411332463242 Match Highlights   Levante vs Barcelona

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Match Highlights – Manchester City vs Chelsea Sun, 21 Sep 2014 17:00:27 +0000 More ]]>

It seemed the Mike Dean, by wrongly sending off Pablo Zabaleta, ruined the match between Chelsea and Manchester City, as Andre Schurrle took advantage of that decision to give the visitors the lead. But Frank Lampard, coming off the bench, equalized with 10 men and possibly saved this season from being over before the end of September.

Chelsea, as expected, like in all big away matches under Jose Mourinho, parked the bus. Manchester City were the only ones trying to create chances but struggling against a very organized defense and midfield, while Chelsea had just one chance during the first 70 minutes, until Dean, who had a terrible outing from top to bottom, decided to help them out.

Dean was easy on the trigger in the first half but somewhat leaned towards Chelsea when it was time to favor someone with his decisions. When Zabaleta fouled Diego Costa, the two got in something of a tangle. For some reason, Dean decided Zabaleta deserved a second yellow card and sent the Argentine right back away from the pitch while Costa, who has managed to avoid a red card or two so far this season, walked away with nothing.

Schurrle came off the bench a minute earlier and was on the right end of a brilliant counter attack, staying just out of reach for the defense while Eden Hazard assisted him with a clever cross from the right wing that no one could reach.

Lampard came on for Kolarov to try and save the day, but Chelsea almost finished the match as Diego Costa hit the post in the 80th minute. At that point Chelsea gave up on trying to score, which cost them dearly.

James Milner was wide open to connect with a David Silva chip into the box, needing one touch to pass it along to Frank Lampard, who didn’t celebrate, but scored the most important goal of the season so far, as Chelsea lose points for the first time in this campaign after four wins.

Manchester City vs Chelsea e1411318133399 Match Highlights   Manchester City vs Chelsea

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17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair Sun, 21 Sep 2014 15:45:56 +0000 More ]]> The biggest issue this week in the NBA offseason? LeBron James suddenly fixing his fading hairline, probably with plugs, resulting in plenty of memes taking advantage of the new situation.

So now it’s time to retire all the jokes of how LeBron James’ hair will look like by 2016 or 2017. No more headband jokes, because even if James will wear one, it won’t be to hide his hear disappearing. All of a sudden, he’s 23 again, looking like Paul George.

For the second straight year, James’ hairline gets too much attention. It’s no longer because of the widespread hatred for him, which has never disappeared. It also has something to do with his new shoes, and that there’s nothing worthy talking about when it comes to the NBA at this point.

Once the real season begins, maybe the jokes will be coming at a certain rate from time to time, but it will no longer be the center of attention. People will be too focused on wishing to see him lose with the Cavs.

Evolution e1411307200157 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair In 2017 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair Ginobili is bad too 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair Secret triangle 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair Retiring the headband 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair The Return e1411307219413 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair They dont 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair The LeBron cut 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair All around player joke 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair Impersonation e1411307234292 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair Kevin Durant having a laught 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair The Return1 e1411307245255 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair Sharpie e1411307252645 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair Coming Home 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair 2016 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair Where it was e1411307264659 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair Coming Home 2.0 17 Best Memes of LeBron James Losing & Getting New Hair

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18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping Sun, 21 Sep 2014 15:15:36 +0000 More ]]> Lose or win, Mario Balotelli always finds a way to leave an impression, and this time with his jump over Raheem Sterling scoring a goal, quickly turning into one of the best memes on the internet this year.

Balotelli has already been an inspiration for a very popular meme: The Celebrating Balotelli from the 2012 Euro semifinal. This one didn’t come on a happy occasion, as Liverpool lost for the third time in five matches, this time to West Ham, 3-1.

Balotelli made his mark with a few long range shots that were easily saved but mostly by doing the smart thing and jumping over Sterling hitting a shot from outside the box, scoring Liverpool’s only goal of the match, coming after already going down 0-2 during the first seven minutes of the match.

Balotelli is still waiting to score his first goal in the Premier League while playing for Liverpool (he has already scored in the Champions League). However, until Daniel Sturridge comes back, it might be something of a problem for him and the team.

MIlking a cow 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping Gum 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping Kicing Balotelli 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping With van Persie e1411304846460 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping Playing Super Mario e1411304855314 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping On a broom 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping Hugging himself 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping Doing a jump 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping Dropping Gerrard 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping Diving 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping Im on a horse e1411304875924 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping Nuclear Jump e1411304882422 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping Dunking Balotelli 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping In space Balotelli 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping Super Mario 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping Playing FiFA e1411304897469 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping WWEing 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping On the toilet 18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping

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NBA Rumors – Minnesota Timberwolves Might Start Andrew Wiggins off the Bench Sun, 21 Sep 2014 14:45:19 +0000 More ]]> Andrew Wiggins e1411304323419 NBA Rumors   Minnesota Timberwolves Might Start Andrew Wiggins off the Bench

Being the number one overall pick doesn’t mean that Andrew Wiggins is guaranteed a starting spot in the lineup of the Minnesota Timberwolves, giving him something of a soft landing to the beginning of his NBA career, although nothing is set in stone as training camp hasn’t even started.

Flip Saunders engineered a move that most view as a step forward for the Timberwolves – trading Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a draft pick which they used to get Thaddeus Young from the Philadelphia 76ers, filling the hole left by Love’s departure.

There’s also been talk of a building trade for Eric Bledsoe of the Phoenix Suns, as the Timberwolves might be the only team willing to give him a max contract and have the assets to complete a trade with the Suns, as the deal can’t go forward without a sign-and-trade due to the cap space the Timberwolves have.

So will start? At point guard, unless Bledose does arrive, it seems like it’s Ricky Rubio once again. A point guard who is very fun to watch, but until he starts finding a way to become a consistent scorer and a threat from outside the paint, he’ll be something of a hindrance on the offense. Kevin Martin is automatic at the shooting guard right now, and Corey Brewer, unless Saunders changes his mind, will be in the lineup at the moment in the small forward position.

In the paint? Young and Nikola Pekovic. One problem with this lineup is defense, something of an issue last season for the Timberwolves. Wiggins will probably be the team’s best defensive player on an individual level, so a rough start for Minnesota – both losses and giving up too many points might mean that Wiggins will quickly find his way into the lineup.

Bennett? Right now, the Timberwolves are planning on trying to salvage his career. He has lost some weight, and had a much more positive second half to the season after a terrible start with the Cavaliers. A year away from being a number one pick, maybe less pressure and focus on his ability because of who is playing next to him could do wonders for his development.

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Match Highlights – Leicester vs Manchester United Sun, 21 Sep 2014 14:29:41 +0000 More ]]>

Leading by two goals twice wasn’t enough for a Manchester United team consisting of Angel di Maria, Wayne Rooney, Radamel Falcao and Robin van Persie. They still managed to be beaten 5-3 by Leicester in an incredible second half display, led by Jamie Vardy, Ritchie de Laet and Jose Ulloa.

Early on it looked like all the money spent and the talent assembled at Old Trafford was going to pay dividends for a second consecutive match. Radamel Falcao, with his first start for his new club, showed great vision and touch with a beautiful assist to Robin van Persie, also showing the two of them can play together up front.

Three minutes went by, and it was Wayne Rooney setting up Angel di Maria, using a brilliant touch to chip it above Kasper Schmeichel and give Manchester United a quick 2-0 lead. At that moment, it seemed like the project Louis van Gaal is trying to get going for the last couple of months was finally working like he envisioned.

But before Manchester United fans were able to celebrate their second goal, a quick attack through the right wing, which was exposed all match long with Marcos Rojo looking quite lost in his attempts to stop Vardy, led to Ulloa scoring his fourth goal of the season and putting Leicester back in the match.

Most of the first half was about a physical and hard working Leicester team, pushed from behind by Esteban Cambiasso and De Laet, pushing around Manchester United but not getting an equalizing goal they deserved.

In the second half, Manchester United were back in control, as Chris Smalling seemed to do much better than Jonny Evans in the back. After more than 10 minutes of dominance, Ander Herrera gave them a 3-1 lead, which this time seemed a bit too much for Leicester to bounce back from.

But Manchester United are terrible defensively, and a team playing direct and physical football took advantage of that, as Jamie Vardy got away with a dive in the box to give David Nungent a chance to make it a contest again in the 62nd minute.

From here on out Manchester United were wiped off the pitch by the pace and physicality of the home side. Esteban Cambiasso scored his first goal in the Premier League from outside the box in the 64th minute to level things at 3-3, and 15 minutes later it was another brilliant piece of off the ball movement from Vardy that resulted in goal, this time with his finish, giving Leicester a deserved lead.

The finish was sadder for Manchester United, as Vardy was fouled by Tyler Blackett in the penalty box, getting himself sent off and Ulloa converted from the penalty spot to complete a historic second half with four goals conceded by David de Gea.

Leicester beat Manchester United Match Highlights   Leicester vs Manchester United

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MLB Playoffs – Detroit Tigers Almost Clinching, Oakland Athletics Keep Slipping Sun, 21 Sep 2014 14:15:40 +0000 More ]]> Tigers beat Royals1 e1411303477521 MLB Playoffs   Detroit Tigers Almost Clinching, Oakland Athletics Keep Slipping

Four teams have so far clinched their spot in the 2014 MLB postseason, but soon there will be more, as the Detroit Tigers took another step towards winning the AL Central after beating the Kansas City Royals 3-2 to extend their lead in the division, while the Oakland A’s, not too long ago the best team in baseball, continue their remarkable collapse with a 3-0 loss at home against the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Tigers, the best hitting team in Baseball during a season of less than impressing batting averages all around, have now improved to 12-6 during September. Four of these wins have come against the Royals, turning the tables in the AL Central and once again grabbing the top spot in the divisions with just one more game left in the series between the two teams before the Tigers take a seven-game home stand against the Chicago White Sox and the Minnesota Twins.

The Tigers now hold a 2.5 game lead over the Royals following their 3-2 win, rescued by some slick fielding from Hernan Perez at the end of the game. Max Scherzer had another excellent performance with just one earned run given up in seven innings while striking out six. This wasn’t the best of hitting performances for the Tigers, but they did get a home run from Torii Hunter, his 17th this season, while the Royals were left kicking themselves after going just 2-of-11 with runners in scoring positions. The Royals have a 0.5 game lead over the Mariners for the last spot in the Wild Card game.

Athletics Crisis e1411303556233 MLB Playoffs   Detroit Tigers Almost Clinching, Oakland Athletics Keep Slipping

Way out West, there’s a different trend. The Oakland A’s have just lost their second game in the series to the Phillies, this time 3-0. They’ve fallen 11.5 games behind the Angles in the AL West, but the wild card spot is in danger. They’re only one game ahead of the Mariners for one of the wild card spots, and with a September form that has seen them win just six times in 18 games, it seems it’ll be very difficult for them to hang on to that spot.

They still have one more game against the Phillies who are hoping to sweep the series, three against the Angels (in Oakland) and then a four-game finish against the Rangers. There’s still time to make things better, even with a slight margin of error. But the A’s are in a downward spiral since making that Cespedes trade, still not realizing how to slow it down.

The special thing about their loss? Jerome Williams, beating the A’s for a third time this season with his third team. He has also played for the Rangers and Astros and picked up wins against Oakland, a first for any pitcher in the history of Major League Baseball.

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Michigan Wolverines – Brady Hoke Isn’t Going to Last Much Longer Sun, 21 Sep 2014 13:45:40 +0000 More ]]> Michigan lose to Utah e1411302029403 Michigan Wolverines   Brady Hoke Isnt Going to Last Much Longer

A rain delay only postponed the inevitable. Michigan were about to lose 26-10 to Utah at home, but less than 1000 were left inside the biggest stadium in the nation to watch the clock run out on the fourth quarter, and maybe on Brady Hoke as well, as his tenure at Ann Arbor takes another painful step towards its end.

Michigan failed to score on offense after a field goal on their opening drive. Hoke was seen arguing quite loudly with his defensive coordinator on the sidelines. The fans were booing the team very early on. Maybe it was directed at the head coach; maybe at the players themselves. It didn’t matter. With every embarrassing result, Hoke looks more and more like someone who is simply filling the seat until the replacement is found.

Michigan fall to 2-2 this season, with both their losses coming against a power conference team. Notre Dame are independent, but are considered as a P-5 team anyway. Both losses showed a team that can’t stop turning the ball over and struggles to get anything consistent done on offense. All the impressive recruiting classes boil down to nothing. Hoke had a great first season with the Wolverines, but since then it’s been going downhill. Maybe Rich Rodriguez needed more time, because Hoke was living off his neglected bread crumbs when he first arrived. Now that it’s his team, Michigan might be heading into another abysmal season, if it isn’t one already.

Empty Stadium e1411302057190 Michigan Wolverines   Brady Hoke Isnt Going to Last Much Longer

The Big Ten had a very good weekend. Michigan were the only team to lose their non-conference game, while Indiana beat an SEC team (Missouri), and three more teams (Maryland, Iowa and Nebraska) beat opponents from the ACC. Something of a bounce back after getting so heavily criticized for their results in the start of the season. But Michigan weren’t included in the celebrations. It’s more about counting down until a new coach arrives.

Michigan have eight conference games to play from now on until the end of the season, including on the road against Michigan State and Ohio State. From how they looked against Notre Dame, it seems as if they’re headed towards some very humiliating visits to their two biggest rivals’ stadiums. Hoke keeps insisting he’ll turn things around, but the body language seems to say something different: He’s gone, and he knows it. It’s only a matter of time.

Maybe there is something that can save him. Winning both of those games, or going 6-2 in conference play, something along those lines. It can happen, but it won’t. This team isn’t good enough, and hasn’t been for quite some time. Miracles don’t just happen, and there probably aren’t ones big enough to save Hoke’s job as the head coach of Michigan.

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Oregon Over Washington State – A Lot Harder Than Expected Sun, 21 Sep 2014 13:15:27 +0000 More ]]> Oregon beat Washington State e1411301044730 Oregon Over Washington State   A Lot Harder Than Expected

A lot of offense? That was to be expected. But Washington State hanging on for the entire game with Oregon? A bit more surprising, although in the end, the ability of Marcus Mariota to make plays with both his arms and his legs seemed to make the difference and keep the Ducks undefeated following their 38-31 win in Pullman.

Washington State have one way of winning games. Pass, pass deep and pass some more. Connor Halliday will surely end this season leading College Football in attempts and probably passing yards as well, finishing this game with 43-of-63 for 436 yards and fourth touchdowns. With a running game that gained only 63 yards and a defense that gave up a total of 501 yards, it’s no surprise that Washington State are only 1-3 this season despite the impressive offensive numbers.

The Ducks, now 4-0, struggled like the rest of the top 5 during week 4. Despite those struggles, Marcus Mariota had an almost flawless game, with 21-of-25 for 329 yards and five touchdown passes while rushing for 58 yards himself, including a big 28-yard pick up to put the Ducks in touchdown range when the game was tied at 21-21. He found Pharaoh Brown in the end zone to finally give Oregon a lead they wouldn’t relinquish.

Marcus Mariota e1411301081154 Oregon Over Washington State   A Lot Harder Than Expected

Washington State actually took the lead first but turned the ball over twice during the game, which made all the difference along with Mariota taking advantage of every opportunity given to him. It’s quite remarkable to think that despite the 1000 yards of offense in this game, we still managed to see six punts, four of them by Oregon. For one half, Washington State did manage to show they are more than a pass-happy team.

Mariota was sacked five times in the first half and the Cougars recorded seven tackles for a loss. If there’s one thing that should worry Oregon going into the tougher part of their schedule it’s their offensive line sometimes struggling to pick up against aggressive blitzing and pass rush, although they eventually got over it in the second half, just like they did in the big win over Michigan State in week 2.

What’s the end game for Mike Leach and Washington State? Probably making a bowl game. He did it last season, although a 6-7 finish can’t exactly be called a success. A 1-3 start this year, with the only win coming against Portland State so far (losing to Nevada and Rutgers as well) and a less than favorable road waiting for them until the end of the season, anything morre than four wins will be considered something of a surprise at this point.

Oregon, as always, have a much different end game on their minds. Making it into the playoffs is the name of the game this year, and so far they’re staying true to their goals, although the voters might make some shifts in the top 5 considering the results and struggles of all teams. Currently holding the edge in the Pac-12 North, this season they can’t afford another loss to Stanford or anyone else, unless the season unfolds in surprising ways.

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NFL – Steelers vs Panthers Predictions Sun, 21 Sep 2014 12:45:10 +0000 More ]]> Steelers vs Panthers e1411299483124 NFL   Steelers vs Panthers Predictions

The Carolina Panthers, despite all the doom and gloom predicted in the preseason, are looking more and more like a team that can make a Super Bowl run, especially with Cam Newton healthy. The Pittsburgh Steelers look quite shaky once again going into this game, with their big Achilles heel, surprisingly, being their defense.

The Panthers, 2-0, and hoping to get their first 3-0 start since the 2003 season, are having no such problems on defense despite Greg Hardy not playing, now finding himself on the exempt-commissioner’s permission list, which at its simplest form means he can’t play, and probably won’t until his hearing on November 17 for the domestic abuse charges he’s facing. The Panthers actually seem to improve on defense compared to last season, although the Buccaneers (playing without Cam Newton) and the Detroit Lions might not be the best of measuring sticks.

They’ve gotten to the quarterback seven times and have forced six turnovers so far (three in each game). They’re on a unique run in regular season games with 13 wins on their last 14 games, including eight straight at home and winning by 16.6 points per game. They’ve been allowing just 86 yards on the ground per game which means the Steelers, whose only reliable player so far this season has been Le’Veon Bell, might be in for another difficult game.

Ben Roethilsberger had a rough outing in a 26-6 loss to Baltimore as the Steelers turned the ball over three times and their quarterback finished with just 22-of-37 for 217 yards, getting very little help from the offensive line, which continues to be a source of problem for the Steelers a third year in a row. Their defense isn’t doing much better. They haven’t scored a touchdown in six consecutive quarters since putting up 27 points in the first half during a week 1 (30-27) win over the Cleveland Browns.

They’ve given up 712 passing yards in both games combined. They’ve given up 50 points over the last six quarters of football. They still haven’t forced a turnover, and the Panthers have yet to commit one this season. The Steelers are also struggling with discipline, as they’ve been called for 20 penalties, costing them 171 yards up to this point in the season. Bell with his 304 yards from scrimmage, second best in the league so far, seems to be the only shining light. They’ve also given up 348 yards on the ground, fourth worst in the NFL.

The Panthers aren’t an explosive team, but their receiver situation seems to be better this season. The running attack, not including Cam Newton, has got to get better as well. This team seems to be on the verge of long term success after quite a few years of disappointment and building. A convincing win against the Steelers, who seem to be the same .500′ish team over the last two seasons, and a lot more will be convinced about the chances of the Panthers to not just make the playoffs this season, but go on a little bit further.

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