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The Miami Marlins disrupted the New York Mets run to the playoffs with an emotional win that included a big early home run from Dee Gordon, honoring Jose Fernandez. The Mets remain on top of the NL Wild card standings, ahead of the San Francisco Giants (in the playoffs right now) and the St. Louis Cardinals, getting clobbered by the Cincinnati Reds. The Chicago Cubs made it to 100 wins, the Cleveland Indians clinched the AL Central title, and the New York Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays, but didn’t change the AL Wild Card picture.

Arizona Diamondbacks 14  Washington Nationals 4: Wilson Ramos picking up an injury is more worrying than the loss for the Nats. Jean Segura hit two home runs to finish with 3 RBIs. Yasmany Tomas had 5 RBIs, hitting his 30th homer of the season.

Chicago Cubs 12  Pittsburgh Pirates 2: The Cubs make it to win number 100 this season, behind Javier Baez’ six RBIs, including a grand slam home run. Kyle Hendricks dropped his ERA to 1.99, not giving up a run in his start.

New York Yankees 7  Toronto Blue Jays 5: The win by the Yankees ignited some flames between the teams, but ended the Yankees losing streak, although it’s probably too late for the playoffs. Mark Teixeira and Aaron Hicks both hit home runs, Adam Warren picked up the win for his 2-inning relief.

Cleveland Indians 7  Detroit Tigers 4: The Indians clinch the AL Central crown, their first since 2007, while pushing the Tigers further away from making the postseason. Coco Crisp surprised with a two-run homer, his 13th overall this season.

New York Mets 3  Miami Marlins 7: The Mets loss didn’t mean anything because the Giants and Cardinals lost too, but the big story was the Marlins honoring and remembering Jose Fernandez. Dee Gordon hit his first home run coming back from suspension, in a game that was a mix of cheers and tears for the players, fans, and pretty much everyone involved.

Milwaukee Brewers 8  Texas Rangers 3: Matt Garza put in a quality day on the mound, or at least enough while Jonathan Villar hit two home runs to finish with 5 RBIs.

Tampa Bay Rays 1  Chicago White Sox 7: James Shields didn’t implode for once, while Justin Morneau and Carlos Sanchez (again) hit home runs to deliver a rare easy win for the White Sox.

Seattle Mariners 4  Houston Astros 3: The Mariners remain 2 games behind the Orioles, winning thanks to Robinson Cano hitting a home run in the 11th inning, his 35th of the season. He hit one earlier in the game as well.

Cincinnati Reds 15  St. Louis Cardinals 2: The Cardinals remain out of the wild card top 2, falling a bit further behind the Giants. Adam Duvall hit two home runs, making it to 100 RBIs. Joey Votto his a home run to, making it to 90 RBIs this season.

Oakland Athletics 1  Los Angeles Angels 2: Mike Trout and Stephen Vogt traded home runs, but in the 8th inning Albert Pujols grounded out to the pitcher, which allowed Yunel Escobar to reach home and win the game.

American League Standings

American League EastWLPct.GBHomeRoad
Boston Red Sox92640.59046–3246–32
Toronto Blue Jays86700.551645–3341–37
Baltimore Orioles85710.545750–3135–40
New York Yankees80760.5131244–3136–45
Tampa Bay Rays65910.4172736–4529–46
Cleveland Indians91650.58353–2838–37
Detroit Tigers83730.532843–3540–38
Kansas City Royals79770.5061245–3034–47
Chicago White Sox75810.4811642–3333–48
Minnesota Twins561000.3593530–5126–49
Texas Rangers92650.58650–2642–39
Seattle Mariners83730.53242–3541–38
Houston Astros82750.5221042–3740–38
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim70870.4462236–4034–47
Oakland Athletics67890.42924½34–4733–42

National League Standings

National League EastWLPct.GBHomeRoad
Washington Nationals91650.58346–2945–36
New York Mets83740.52944–3739–37
Miami Marlins78780.5001340–3838–40
Philadelphia Phillies69860.44521½36–4233–44
Atlanta Braves63920.40627½26–4937–43
Chicago Cubs100560.64157–2443–32
St. Louis Cardinals81750.5191933–4248–33
Pittsburgh Pirates77790.4942337–4140–38
Milwaukee Brewers71860.45229½41–4030–46
Cincinnati Reds66900.4233437–4129–49
Los Angeles Dodgers90660.57753–2837–38
San Francisco Giants82740.526840–3542–39
Colorado Rockies73830.4681741–3732–46
San Diego Padres66900.4232437–4129–49
Arizona Diamondbacks65910.4172530–4835–43

American League Wild Card Standings

Wild Card teams
(Top 2 qualify for 1-game playoff)
Toronto Blue Jays86700.551+1
Baltimore Orioles85710.545
Detroit Tigers83730.5322
Seattle Mariners83730.5322
Houston Astros82750.522
New York Yankees80760.5135
Kansas City Royals79770.5066
Chicago White Sox75810.48110
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim70870.44615½
Oakland Athletics67890.42918
Tampa Bay Rays65910.41720
Minnesota Twins561000.35929

National League Wild Card Standings

Wild Card teams
(Top 2 qualify for 1-game playoff)
New York Mets83740.529
San Francisco Giants82740.526
St. Louis Cardinals81750.5191
Miami Marlins78780.5004
Pittsburgh Pirates77790.4945
Colorado Rockies73830.4689
Milwaukee Brewers71860.45211½
Philadelphia Phillies70860.44912
San Diego Padres66900.42316
Cincinnati Reds66900.42316
Arizona Diamondbacks65910.41717
Atlanta Braves63920.40618½
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