NBA – Day 4 Scores & Standings

Posted on 2 Nov, 2013, by in NBA

Jason Terry

The Brooklyn Nets handed the Miami Heat their second straight loss this season, the first time that’s happened in almost a year, meaning that there might be some new competition in the East. The Houston Rockets won their second consecutive game, this time going past their Texas rivals, the Dallas Mavericks, while the third Texas team, the San Antonio Spurs, had no problem beating the very weak Los Angeles Lakers.

After every team has played at least twice, we have four undefeated teams: The Indiana Pacers, Philadelphia 76ers, Minneaota Timberwolves, Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns and the San Antonio Spurs. There are also five teams without a win: Boston Celtics, Washington Wizards, Utah Jazz, Denver Nuggets and New Orleans Pelicans.

Cleveland Cavaliers 84  Charlotte Bobcats 90: Even without Al Jefferson, the Bobcats pulled off their first win of the season thanks to a strong performance from Kemba Walker, scoring 23 points. The Cavs got a terrible day from their starting players: only 41 points, while the help of C.J. Miles and Jarrett Jack from the bench wasn’t enough.

New Orleans Pelicans 90  Orlando Magic 110: The Magic pick up a deserved first win of the season with an impressive and dominant display at home, getting a strong performance in the second quarter (31-15) and Arron Afflalo continuing his hot start to the season (22.3 points per game) with a 30 point performance, including 80% from beyond the arc.

Philadelphia 76ers 109  Washington Wizards 102: The 76rs are supposed to be tanking, but they’re 2-0. The Wizards are thinking playoffs, but they’re 0-2. Michael Carter-Williams wasn’t as hot as on his debut (14 points), but Thaddeus Young (29 points) and Evan Turner (23 points) more than made up for it. John Wall scoring 26 points was the only worth mentioning on the losing side.

Toronto Raptors 95  Atlanta Hawks 102: Al Horford rebounded from his weak opening night to lead the Hawks to their first win of the season, scoring 22 points and grabbing 17 rebounds. Jeff Teague also finished with a double-double of 17 points and 12 assists, overcoming 31 points from DeMar DeRozan.

Milwaukee Bucks 105  Boston Celtics 98: The Bucks picked up their first win of the season against a Celtics team that is turning out to be even worse than initially thought. The Bucks got only 39 points from their starters, but had a strong performance from Zaza Pachulia (20 points) and winning the turnover battle 17-7. The Celtics had six players in double figures, but shot only 25% from three and turned the ball over way too much to overcome with mediocre shooting.

Dallas Mavericks 105  Houston Rockets 113: The first Texas showdown of the season went to the favorites, as James Harden led the way with 31 points, while Dwight Howard finished with another double double of 13 points and 16 rebounds. Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis combined to score 42 points, but that was about it for the Mavs.

Detroit Pistons 108  Memphis Grizzlies 111: When they don’t play the Spurs, the Grizzlies are pretty good team, getting 22 points from Mike Conley in the sloppy overtime win over the Pistons, combining for 39 turnovers. The Monroe-Drummond-Smith combo scored 47 points, adding 32 rebounds, but got too little from Chauncey Billups, scoring only 5 points.

Oklahoma City Thunder 81  Minnesota Timberwolves 100: The ‘Wolves are for real, as both their stars ended up with double doubles: Kevin Love scoring 24 points, adding 12 rebounds, while Ricky Rubio had 14 points, 10 assists and 5 steals. The Thunder look bad without Westbrook, especially when Kevin Durant scores only 13 points on 4-of-11 from the field.

Miami Heat 100  Brooklyn Nets 101: The Heat lose two consecutive games for the first time since last January, getting almost nothing from their bench they need so badly, while the Nets simply made one more play and got a bigger contribution from their subs. Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson led the team’s scoring with 19 points each.

LaMarcus Aldridge

Portland Trail Blazers 113  Denver Nuggets 98: Life without George Karl is hard in Denver, losing for the second time this season. The Blazers did what they did last year: A strong performance from their starters, and not much else. LaMarcus Aldridge led the way scoring 25 points; Nicolas Batum and Wesley Matthews had 21 each.

Utah Jazz 84  Phoenix Suns 87: The Suns might be the second most surprising 2-0 team so far, beating the win-less Utah off a strong performance once again from Eric Bledsoe scoring 18 points and Mason Plumlee picking up a 13-13 double double. Enes Kanter led the Jazz with 20 points.

Los Angeles Clippers 110  Sacramento Kings 101: Another double-double co-op from Chris Paul and Blake Griffin in a high scoring game. Paul finished with 26 points, adding 10 assists.  Blake Griffin was even better with 20 points, 17 rebounds and 6 assists.

San Antonio Spurs 91  Los Angeles Lakers 85: Not having Tim Duncan did make it more difficult, but a shorthanded Spurs team is enough to beat the sad Lakers, getting 24 points from Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. The Lakers looked very bad, shooting 36.6% from the field, led by Pau Gasol scoring 20 points.

1Indiana201.0001-01-00-01-096.088.5+7.5Won 22-0
2Philadelphia201.0001-01-00-02-0111.5106.0+5.5Won 22-0
3Atlanta11.50011-00-10-01-0105.5106.5-1.0Won 11-1
4Charlotte11.50011-00-10-01-086.590.0-3.5Won 11-1
5Chicago11.50011-00-10-01-188.594.0-5.5Won 11-1
6Cleveland11.50011-00-10-01-191.092.0-1.0Lost 11-1
7New York11.50011-00-10-01-185.582.5+3.0Lost 11-1
8Milwaukee11.50010-01-10-01-194.094.00Won 11-1
Brooklyn11.50011-00-10-01-197.599.0-1.5Won 11-1
Detroit11.50011-00-10-01-0110.5106.5+4.0Lost 11-1
Toronto11.50011-00-11-01-194.094.5-0.5Lost 11-1
Miami12.3331 ½1-00-20-01-2105.7103.3+2.3Lost 21-2
Orlando12.3331 ½1-00-20-00-1104.0102.3+1.7Won 11-2
Boston02.00020-10-10-10-292.599.0-6.5Lost 20-2
Washington02.00020-10-10-00-2102.0111.0-9.0Lost 20-2


1Minnesota201.0002-00-01-01-0110.098.0+12.0Won 22-0
2Houston201.0002-00-01-01-0104.594.0+10.5Won 22-0
3Phoenix201.0002-00-00-02-095.587.5+8.0Won 22-0
4San Antonio201.0001-01-01-02-096.089.5+6.5Won 22-0
5LA Clippers21.667 ½1-01-12-12-1113.0110.7+2.3Won 22-1
6Golden State11.50011-00-11-11-1120.0110.0+10.0Lost 11-1
7Portland11.50010-01-11-01-1102.0101.0+1.0Won 11-1
8Sacramento11.50011-10-00-11-195.599.0-3.5Lost 11-1
Oklahoma City11.50010-01-11-11-191.099.0-8.0Lost 11-1
Dallas11.50011-00-10-10-1111.5111.0+0.5Lost 11-1
Memphis11.50011-00-10-10-1102.5104.5-2.0Won 11-1
LA Lakers12.3331 ½1-10-11-11-298.3106.3-8.0Lost 21-2
Utah02.00020-10-10-10-291.094.0-3.0Lost 20-2
Denver02.00020-10-10-10-293.0101.5-8.5Lost 20-2
New Orleans02.00020-10-10-00-090.0102.5-12.5Lost 20-2
Image: Source; Standings via ESPN