NBA – Day 8 Scores & Standings

Posted on 6 Nov, 2013, by in NBA

Roy Hibbert, Paul George

The Miami Heat are picking up steam at the expense of the Toronto Raptors, while things for the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers look pretty bad as they lose to the Charlotte Bobcats and Dallas Mavericks respectively.

The Indiana Pacers, with a big night from Paul George in a win over the Detroit Pistons, are still undefeated (4-0), the only such team in the NBA.

Miami Heat 104  Toronto Raptors 95: Back to normal for the Miami Heat and LeBron James, who put up 35 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists while taunting the Toronto crowd, getting a little bit of help from Dwyane Wade with 20 points and Ray Allen with 14.

Utah Jazz 88  Brooklyn Nets 104: The Jazz remain with 0 wins this season, while the Nets get a big scoring night from Brook Lopez (27 points) and five more players in double figures as they find their way back to .500.

Indiana Pacers 99  Detroit Pistons 91: Another big night from Paul George (31 points, 10 rebounds), having no problem with the Pistons’ big three, with Andre Drummond especially struggling against Roy Hibbert, limited to only six points.

Charlotte Bobcats 102  New York Knicks 97: The Bobcats enjoyed a huge night from Kemba Walker, scoring 25 points, helped by Gerald Henderson with 18 and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist with 16. The Knicks got 32 points from Carmelo Anthony but not much else, as they lost Tyson Chandler to injury.

Phoenix Suns 104  New Orleans Pelicans 98: Eric Bledose has been on fire early in the season, scoring 25 points and is averaging 22.8 early this season. The Pelicans, despite another strong game from Anthony Davis and 20 points from Eric Gordon, are only 1-3.

Los Angeles Lakers 104  Dallas Mavericks 123: When teams take the Lakers seriously, there’s a very small chance of them actually doing anything. Monta Ellis scored 30 points to lead 7 Mavs players in double figures, while the Lakers had another rough offensive night, led by Nick Young scoring 21 points.

San Antonio Spurs 102  Denver Nuggets 94: The Nuggets are still without a win under new head coach Brian Shaw, while the Spurs improve to 3-1, getting 24 points and 6 assists from Tony Parker while Tim Duncan has a big 17-8-8 and 4 blocks game.

Houston Rockets 116  Portland Trail Blazers 101: The Rockets bounce back from the rough loss against the Clippers, having no problem against the terrible defense, bad center and awful bench the Blazers have. James Harden led the way with 33 points, but Dwight Howard had his best game of the season with 29 points and 13 rebounds, even hitting 75% of his free throw attempts.

Atlanta Hawks 105  Sacramento Kings 100: When DeMarcus Cousins scores only 11 points, it’s hard for the Kings to win. The Hawks got big games from their frontcourt, as Al Horford and Paul Millsap combined for 52 points and 21 rebounds, while Jeff Teague also had an 18 points, 10 assists double double.

Indiana1401.0000.03-02-02-02-04-0W 4
Philadelphia2310.7501.03-00-02-11-03-1L 1
Miami3320.6001.53-21-02-01-23-2W 2
Atlanta4220.5002.01-00-01-01-22-2W 1
Charlotte5220.5002.02-00-01-01-22-2W 1
Orlando6220.5002.01-10-02-00-22-2W 2
Cleveland7220.5002.01-20-12-00-22-2W 1
Brooklyn8220.5002.01-20-02-00-22-2W 1
Detroit220.5002.02-10-12-10-12-2L 1
Toronto220.5002.02-21-01-11-12-2L 1
Milwaukee120.3332.51-20-00-11-11-2L 1
Chicago120.3332.51-20-01-00-21-2L 1
New York130.2503.01-20-01-20-11-3L 3
Washington030.0003.50-30-10-10-20-3L 3
Boston040.0004.00-30-10-10-30-4L 4


Houston1410.8000.03-11-02-02-14-1W 1
Minnesota2310.7500.51-01-02-01-13-1L 1
L.A. Clippers3310.7500.53-12-12-01-13-1W 3
Phoenix4310.7500.53-10-02-01-13-1W 1
San Antonio5310.7500.53-11-01-02-13-1W 1
Golden State6310.7500.52-12-12-01-13-1W 2
Dallas7310.7500.52-11-13-00-13-1W 2
Oklahoma City8210.6671.02-11-11-01-12-1W 1
Portland220.5001.52-21-01-11-12-2L 1
Memphis220.5001.50-20-22-00-22-2W 1
L.A. Lakers230.4002.01-31-12-10-22-3L 1
Sacramento130.2502.51-20-21-20-11-3L 3
New Orleans130.2502.50-10-01-20-11-3L 1
Utah040.0003.50-30-10-20-20-4L 4
Denver030.0003.00-30-10-20-10-3L 3
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