NBA – Day 9 Scores & Standings

Posted on 7 Nov, 2013, by in NBA

Bismack Biyombo

The Indiana Pacers extend their undefeated streak since the start of the season at the expense of the Chicago Bulls, while the Utah Jazz remain win-less as the Boston Celtics pick up their first victory of the season.

The Washington Wizards also won for the first time this season, taking advantage of the Philadelphia 76ers coming down to earth, and the San Antonio Spurs enjoy a big fourth quarter from Tony Parker to overcome a tough challenge from the Phoenix Suns.

Toronto Raptors 90  Charlotte Bobcats 92: A strong performance from Gerald Henderson (23 points), his best game of the season, were enough to give the Bobcats a second consecutive win and an above .500 record, while Rudy Gay and his 20 points weren’t enough to overcome some bad coaching mistakes.

Chicago Bulls 80  Indiana Pacers 97: Ugly basketball, as expected, and a very strong finish from the Indiana Pacers, including 8 fourth quarter points from Luis Scola. Paul George led the way with 21 points, while Luol Deng and Derrick Rose each scored 17 for the Bulls, who couldn’t keep up in the fourth.

Los Angeles Clippers 90  Orlando Magic 98: Life at home is pretty comfortable for the Magic, winning a third consecutive game, getting a big 30 points, 21 rebounds night from Nikola Vucevic. The Clippers got double doubles from Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, but shot only 37.9% from the field and got almost nothing from their bench.

Washington Wizards 116  Philadelphia 76ers 102: The 76ers are starting to fall, losing at home by 14 to a Wizards team experiencing their first win of the season. John Wall led the way with 24 points and 9 assists, while Marcin Gortat had his first big game for his new team, adding 19 points and 12 rebounds.

Utah Jazz 87  Boston Celtics 97: The Utah Jazz are the worst team in the NBA right now, losing five consecutive games. The Boston Celtics got strong nights from Brandon Bass (20 points) and Jeff Green (18) to win for the first time this season.

Pelicans 99  Memphis Grizzlies 84: Zach Randolph left the game early, and the Grizzlis couldn’t cope without him. Good game once again for Eric Gordon (19 points) and Anthony Davis (18 points, 8 rebounds), while 26 points weren’t enough from Mike Conley.

Cleveland Cavaliers 104  Milwaukee Bucks 109: A big game from O.J. Mayo (28 points) and Gary Neal (23, 12 in the fourth quarter) to down the struggling and disappointing Cavaliers, despite getting a combined 50 points from Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters.

Golden State Warriors 106  Minnesota Timberwolves 93: A very bad game from Ricky Rubio (only 7 points) was too much for the Timberwolves, losing at home for the first time this season. Klay Thompson continues his hot start with 30 points, as Andre Iguodala and David Lee both scored over 20 points, making up for Stephen Curry going down with an injury.

Phoenix Suns 96  San Antonio Spurs 99: A big night for Tony Parker, scoring 20 points, including 15 of the Spurs’ last 16, leading them over the fantastic Suns, who needed more from Eric Bledose, limited to 14 points.

Dallas Mavericks 93  Oklahoma City Thunder 107: The trend continues between the two teams; Kevin Durant scored 23 points, adding 10 assists, while Russell Westbrook (22 points) and Serge Ibaka with his first good game of the season being too much for the Mavs.

1Indiana501.0003-02-03-04-095.484.4+11.0Won 55-0
2Philadelphia32.60022-21-00-03-1104.4108.4-4.0Lost 23-2
3Miami32.60022-01-21-03-2104.899.6+5.2Won 23-2
4Charlotte32.60022-01-20-03-090.294.4-4.2Won 23-2
5Orlando32.60023-00-20-01-1103.496.6+6.8Won 33-2
6Atlanta22.5002 ½1-01-20-01-0104.8104.5+0.3Won 12-2
7Detroit22.5002 ½2-10-10-12-199.897.3+2.5Lost 12-2
8Milwaukee22.5002 ½1-11-11-02-296.897.3-0.5Won 12-2
Brooklyn22.5002 ½2-00-20-01-296.398.3-2.0Won 12-2
Toronto23.40031-11-21-02-394.095.0-1.0Lost 22-3
Cleveland23.40032-00-30-21-390.694.8-4.2Lost 12-3
Chicago13.2503 ½1-00-30-11-390.398.0-7.8Lost 21-3
New York13.2503 ½1-20-10-01-292.094.0-2.0Lost 31-3
Washington13.2503 ½0-11-20-11-3103.3106.8-3.5Won 11-3
Boston14.20041-10-30-10-389.493.4-4.0Won 11-4


1San Antonio41.8002-02-11-04-199.696.8+2.8Won 24-1
2Golden State41.8002-02-12-13-1110.898.0+12.8Won 34-1
3Houston41.8002-02-11-03-1109.4103.8+5.6Won 14-1
4Oklahoma City31.750 ½2-01-11-13-198.096.8+1.3Won 23-1
5LA Clippers32.60012-01-22-13-1113.2109.6+3.6Lost 13-2
6Phoenix32.60012-01-20-03-297.495.0+2.4Lost 13-2
7Minnesota32.60012-11-11-01-1102.899.0+3.8Lost 23-2
8Dallas32.60013-00-21-12-2110.0106.4+3.6Lost 13-2
Portland22.5001 ½1-11-11-02-2105.0105.8-0.8Lost 12-2
New Orleans23.40021-21-11-01-196.495.4+1.0Won 12-3
LA Lakers23.40022-10-21-11-3100.8109.0-8.2Lost 12-3
Memphis23.40022-10-20-30-396.6101.4-4.8Lost 12-3
Sacramento13.2502 ½1-20-10-21-294.5100.3-5.8Lost 31-3
Denver03.00030-20-10-10-393.3101.7-8.3Lost 30-3
Utah05.00040-20-30-10-390.098.6-8.6Lost 50-5
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