NBA – Day 11 Scores & Standings

Posted on 9 Nov, 2013, by in NBA

Roy Hibbert, Luis Scola

The Indiana Pacers blend of Paul George and an excellent defense continues to work quite well, picking up their sixth win of the season, while the Oklahoma City Thunder aren’t slowing down, winning a third straight since the return of Russell Westbrook.

The Utah Jazz are still without a win, looking quite sad and sorry after losing by 24 points to the Chicago Bulls. The Los Angeles Lakers follow another surprising win by looking quite bad in New Orleans.

New York Knicks 101  Charlotte Bobcats 91: A big day for Carmelo Anthony (28 points) and Andrea Bargnani (25 points) ruined Patrick Ewing’s debut as a head coach, despite Kemba Walker’s 25 points.

Toronto Raptors 84  Indiana Pacers 91: Still undefeated with a whole lot of great defense. Paul George scored 23 points, Roy Hibbert added 20 points and the Pacers kept the Raptors on 39.5% from the field en route to a 6-0 start.

Boston Celtics 91  Orlando Magic 89: The Celtics suddenly seem to be on a roll, although their wins have been against weak teams. Brandon Bass led the scoring with 16 points as both teams couldn’t crack 40% from the field.

Cleveland Cavaliers 79  Philadelphia 94: The Cavaliers continue to motion between mediocre and awful, shooting only 33.3% from the field while Evan Turner led the way with 22 points, getting the Sixers back on the horse.

Brooklyn Nets 108  Washington Wizards 112: A bad night from Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett (combining to score only 8 points) while Bradley Beal scored 29 points to lead the Wizards.

Kevin Durant

Oklahoma City Thunder 119  Detroit Pistons 110: It’s hard to keep up with the Thunder when Kevin Durant drops 37 points and Russell Westbrook follows with 20, while Andre Drummond is limited to only 4 points.

Utah Jazz 73  Chicago Bulls 97: The Jazz dropped a sixth straight game since the start of the season, while the Chicago Bulls finally get a second win, not even having to play most of their starters in the fourth quarter, led by Luol Deng with 19 points.

Dallas Mavericks 108  Minnesota Timberwolves 116: High scoring from Monta Ellis (23 points) and Jose Calderon (21 points) can’t make up for a terrible defense can’t help when both Kevin Love and Kevin Martin score 32 points.

Los Angeles Lakers 85  New Orleans Pelicans 96: The Lakers can’t get flukes two nights in a row, especially when Anthony Davis has his best game of the season, scoring 32 points, adding 12 rebounds and 6 blocks.

Golden State Warriors 74  San Antonio Spurs 76: An unexpected game in its uglyness, as the two teams comine for 150 points while Stephen Curry didn’t even play. Tony Parker led the Spurs with 18 points.

Sacramento Kings 91  Portland Trail Blazers 104: The Kings continue to offer nothing more than DeMarcus Cousins (with 35 points), while the usual contribution from the Blazers starting five was led by Damian Lillard scoring 22 points and LaMarcus Aldridge adding 20.

1Indiana601.0004-02-03-05-094.784.3+10.3Won 66-0
2Philadelphia42.66723-21-00-04-1102.7103.5-0.8Won 14-2
3Miami42.66723-01-21-03-2104.399.2+5.2Won 34-2
4Charlotte33.50032-11-20-03-190.395.5-5.2Lost 13-3
5Orlando33.50033-10-20-01-2101.095.7+5.3Lost 13-3
6Milwaukee22.50031-11-11-02-296.897.3-0.5Won 12-2
7Atlanta23.4003 ½1-01-30-01-0105.2105.4-0.2Lost 12-3
8Detroit23.4003 ½2-20-10-12-1101.8101.6+0.2Lost 22-3
New York23.4003 ½1-21-10-02-293.893.4+0.4Won 12-3
Washington23.4003 ½1-11-20-12-3105.0107.0-2.0Won 22-3
Brooklyn23.4003 ½2-00-30-01-398.6101.0-2.4Lost 12-3
Chicago23.4003 ½2-00-30-11-391.693.0-1.4Won 12-3
Toronto24.33341-11-31-02-492.394.3-2.0Lost 32-4
Boston24.33341-11-30-11-389.792.7-3.0Won 22-4
Cleveland24.33342-00-40-21-488.794.7-6.0Lost 22-4
1San Antonio51.8333-02-11-05-195.793.0+2.7Won 35-1
2Oklahoma City41.800 ½2-02-11-13-1102.299.4+2.8Won 34-1
3Golden State42.66712-02-22-13-2104.794.3+10.3Lost 14-2
4Phoenix42.66713-01-20-04-2100.296.3+3.8Won 14-2
5Minnesota42.66713-11-11-02-1105.0100.5+4.5Won 14-2
6Houston42.66712-12-11-03-2107.5103.0+4.5Lost 14-2
7Portland32.6001 ½2-11-11-03-2104.8102.8+2.0Won 13-2
8LA Clippers33.50022-01-32-13-1110.5108.3+2.2Lost 23-3
New Orleans33.50022-21-11-02-196.393.7+2.7Won 23-3
Dallas33.50023-00-31-12-3109.7108.0+1.7Lost 23-3
LA Lakers34.4292 ½2-11-31-12-498.3105.6-7.3Lost 13-4
Memphis23.4002 ½2-10-20-30-396.6101.4-4.8Lost 12-3
Sacramento14.2003 ½1-20-20-21-393.8101.0-7.2Lost 41-4
Denver14.2003 ½1-20-20-10-498.4105.2-6.8Lost 11-4
Utah06.00050-20-40-10-387.298.3-11.2Lost 60-6
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