NBA – Day 12 Scores & Standings

Posted on 10 Nov, 2013, by in NBA

Kyrie Irving

Plenty of buzzer beaters to go around, with Kyrie Irving knocking one down for the Cleveland Cavaliers in double overtime win over the Philadelphia 76ers, while Jeff Green stuns the Miami Heat with one of his own in what might be the best moment the Boston Celtics experience all season.

In other news, early season streaks don’t end: The Indiana Pacers remain the only undefeated team in the league after beating the Brooklyn Nets, and the Utah Jazz, losing by 24 against the Toronto Raptors, still look for their first win this season.

Utah Jazz 91  Toronto Raptors 115: Jazz players keep talking about pulling through, but the rough start has no end, as the Jazz fall to 0-7. They were out of the game by the end of the first quarter, giving up 23 points to Tyler Hansbrough and 18 to DeMar DeRozan. Gordon Hayward did score 24 for the Jazz, but it didn’t make anyone feel too confident about what lies ahead.

Orlando Magic 94  Atlanta Hawks 104: Two double doubles, one for Jeff Teague with 19 points and 13 assists, and the other from Paul Millsap with 18 points and 11 rebounds, were enough to lead the Hawks over the sloppy Orlando Magic, turning the ball over 17 times.

Indiana Pacers 97  Brooklyn Nets 91: Still undefeated, still great defense, still Paul George, who scores 24 points to give the Pacers a 7-0 start to the season, while the Brooklyn Nets (getting only 6 points from Kevin Garnett) continue to look too slow and too old.

Philadelphia 76ers 125  Cleveland Cavaliers 127: Big numbers from Evan Turner and Michael Carter-Williams don’t matter anymore. A double overtime game ends with a big Kyrie Irving game winner to cap off his 39 point performance, pushing through thanks to their advantage from the bench in the form of Jarrett Jack, scoring 20 points.

Boston Celtics 111  Miami Heat 110: A weird ending in Miami, losing at home for the first time this season, as Dwyane Wade stupidly missed on purpose, giving Jeff Green the chance to hit a game winning shot from the corner (the same Ray Allen corner) with less than 0.6 seconds left on the clock, while the Heat not taking teams seriously is damaging their record so far this season.

Los Angeles Clippers 107  Houston Rockets 94: Dwight Howard keeps missing free throws, James Harden keeps missing the point of team basketball. On the other end, Blake Griffin (22 points) and J.J. Redick (22 points) are doing great on this road trip, making it two big wins over the Rockets in less than a week.

Warriors 90  Memphis Grizzlies 108: It’s very rare to see an offensive explosion from the Memphis Grizzlies, but it does happen sometimes. Zach Randolph led the way with 23 points and Mike Conley helped with 20. Meanwhile, the Warriors shot only 33.3% from beyond the arc and a terrible 53.8% from the line, unacceptable for a team that depends so much on its shooting accuracy.

Dallas Mavericks 91  Milwaukee Bucks 83: Monta Ellis continues to be the best player on his new team, leading the way with 18 points against his former employers. O.J. Mayo scored 28 points for the Bucks who also got 19 from Caron Butler, a former Mavs player himself, but it’s hard to win when shooting 38.3% from the field.

Portland Trail Blazers 96  Sacramento Kings 85: The Blazers are winning the games they’re supposed to so far, getting over an awful 1-of-15 night from Damian Lillard through 22 points from LaMarcus Aldridge and 21 points from Wesley Matthews.

1Indiana701.00094.985.3+9.6Won 77-0
2Philadelphia43.5713105.9106.9-1.0Lost 14-3
3Miami43.5713105.1100.9+4.3Lost 14-3
4Atlanta33.5003 ½105.0103.5+1.5Won 13-3
5Charlotte33.5003 ½90.395.5-5.2Lost 13-3
6Toronto34.429495.693.9+1.7Won 13-4
7Boston34.429492.795.1-2.4Won 33-4
8Orlando34.4294100.096.9+3.1Lost 23-4
Cleveland34.429494.199.0-4.9Won 13-4
Detroit23.4004101.8101.6+0.2Lost 22-3
Chicago23.400491.693.0-1.4Won 12-3
New York23.400493.893.4+0.4Won 12-3
Milwaukee23.400494.096.0-2.0Lost 12-3
Washington23.4004105.0107.0-2.0Won 22-3
Brooklyn24.3334 ½97.3100.2-2.8Lost 22-4
1San Antonio51.83395.793.0+2.7Won 35-1
2Oklahoma City41.800 ½102.299.4+2.8Won 34-1
3Phoenix42.6671100.296.3+3.8Won 14-2
4Minnesota42.6671105.0100.5+4.5Won 14-2
5Portland42.6671103.399.8+3.5Won 24-2
6LA Clippers43.5711 ½110.0106.3+3.7Won 14-3
7Houston43.5711 ½105.6103.6+2.0Lost 24-3
8Golden State43.5711 ½102.696.3+6.3Lost 24-3
Dallas43.5711 ½107.0104.4+2.6Won 14-3
New Orleans33.500296.393.7+2.7Won 23-3
Memphis33.500298.599.5-1.0Won 13-3
LA Lakers34.4292 ½98.3105.6-7.3Lost 13-4
Denver14.2003 ½98.4105.2-6.8Lost 11-4
Sacramento15.167492.3100.2-7.8Lost 51-5
Utah07.0005 ½87.7100.7-13.0Lost 70-7
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