Seattle Seahawks

Only one team with just one loss remains, as the Arizona Cardinals pull through against a backup quarterback the Dallas Cowboys used while the Denver Broncos lose in the big quarterback duel, with Tom Brady once again beating Peyton Manning, as the New England Patriots show that they’re nothing to mess with when playing at home.

Arizona Cardinals 28  Dallas Cowboys 17: Brandon Weeden starting for Tony Romo didn’t bode well for the Cowboys, losing a second consecutive time while the Cardinals improve to 7-1, the best record in the NFL as Carson Palmer threw three touchdown passes.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17  Cleveland Browns 22: Not an illusion, but reality, as the Browns are now two games above .500. The win came with a fourth quarter touchdown by Taylor Gabriel off of a Biran Hoyer pass.

Philadelphia Eagles 31  Houston Texans 21: The Eagles seize control of the NFC East, overcoming three interceptions and Nick Foles going down with a broken collarbone, giving Mark Sanchez an opportunity at the helm.

New York Jets 10  Kansas City Chiefs 24: There’s nothing new to report about the awful Jets, as Alex Smith threw a couple of touchdown passes for the Chiefs who are now tied for second in their division.

Jacksonville Jaguars 23  Cincinnati Bengals 33: Nothing new as the Bengals remain the top of the AFC North, beating one of the easiest teams in the NFL behind 154 rushing yards from Jeremy Hill, who also scored a couple of touchdowns.

San Diego Chargers 0  Miami Dolphins 37: An awful day for Philip Rivers (3 interceptions) and his offensive line meant three straight losses for the Chargers, while the Dolphins enjoyed a big day for Ryan Tannehill, throwing three touchdown passes and for 288 yards.

Washington Redskins 26  Minnesota Vikings 29: The return of Robert Griffin III wasn’t enough for the Redskins, unable to win a third straight game while the Vikings are now only one game below .500, getting a solid performance from Teddy Bridgewater.

St. Louis Rams 13  San Francisco 49ers 10: Colin Kaepernick was sacked 8 times and fumbled the ball on the goalline with a chance to win the game as the Rams stunned the 49ers, falling to 4-4 this season.

Denver Broncos 21  New England Patriots 43: The rivalry between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning continues to be rather one sided when it comes to wins and losses, as the Patriots won their fifth consecutive game, getting four touchdown passes out of Tom Brady.

Oakland Raiders 24  Seattle Seahawks 30: A bad day for Russell Wilson (no touchdown passes, under 50% completion rate) didn’t stop the Seahawks from overcoming the only win-less team in the league.

Baltimore Ravens 23  Pittsburgh Steelers 43: The rare form of Ben Roethlisberger continues, throwing six touchdown passes for a second consecutive game, once again making the most of having Antonio Brown to throw to.

Indianapolis Colts 40  New York Giants 24: Some garbage time points couldn’t erase the impression of the Colts walking all over the Giants, who will find it very difficult to make it out of the NFC East as they fall two games below .500.


Philadelphia620.7504-02-22-03-2234177+57Won 1
Dallas630.6673-33-01-14-3230195+35Lost 2
NY Giants350.3752-21-31-22-4178209-31Lost 3
Washington360.3332-21-41-21-5197229-32Lost 1
Detroit620.7503-13-12-05-1162126+36Won 3
Green Bay530.6253-02-32-13-3222191+31Lost 1
Minnesota450.4442-22-30-24-3168199-31Won 2
Chicago350.3750-33-20-12-2180222-42Lost 2
New Orleans440.5003-01-42-14-3227198+29Won 2
Carolina351.3892-31-2-11-13-3177236-59Lost 3
Atlanta260.2502-20-42-02-4192221-29Lost 5
Tampa Bay170.1250-41-30-30-5150245-95Lost 4
Arizona710.8754-03-11-05-0192156+36Won 4
Seattle530.6253-12-20-13-2202174+28Won 2
San Francisco440.5002-22-21-23-3168178-10Lost 2
St. Louis350.3751-32-22-13-4149220-71Won 1


New England720.7785-02-22-15-2281198+83Won 5
Buffalo530.6252-23-12-12-3178165+13Won 2
Miami530.6252-23-11-14-2211151+60Won 3
NY Jets180.1111-40-40-21-5154252-98Lost 8
Cincinnati521.6884-0-11-22-04-2194187+7Won 2
Pittsburgh630.6674-12-22-25-2248219+29Won 3
Cleveland530.6254-11-21-23-3185169+16Won 2
Baltimore540.5563-12-32-32-4240174+66Lost 2
Indianapolis630.6673-13-23-05-2290211+79Won 1
Houston450.4442-22-31-13-2206197+9Lost 1
Tennessee260.2501-31-31-22-4137202-65Lost 2
Jacksonville180.1111-30-50-21-6141251-110Lost 2
Denver620.7505-01-22-04-1245185+60Lost 1
Kansas City530.6253-12-21-14-2200138+62Won 3
San Diego540.5563-12-31-24-3205186+19Lost 3
Oakland080.0000-40-40-10-6129211-82Lost 8