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Joe Girardi Mistake

Everybody Hates Joe Girardi Right Now

Posted on 7 Oct, 2017, by in MLB

The Cleveland Indians beat the New York Yankees 9-8 to take a 2-0 lead in the ALDS, coming back being 5 runs behind. Everyone in New York is blaming Joe Girardi for the collapse, and perhaps they have a point. More

Indians Fans 22 Wins

MLB Standings & Scores

Posted on 15 Sep, 2017, by in MLB

Yes, the Chicago Cubs thrashed the New York Mets and Aaron Judge went back to hitting home runs for the New York Yankees, but nothing was bigger than the Cleveland Indians beating the Kansas City Royals in extra innings and winning their 22nd in a row, a new record. More

Cubs beat Mets

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Posted on 14 Sep, 2017, by in MLB

The Cleveland Indians set a record for consecutive wins, the Los Angeles Dodgers bounce back from their losing problems, and the Chicago Cubs destroy the New York Mets as they get closer towards clinching the NL Central. More

Indians winning streak

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Posted on 10 Sep, 2017, by in MLB

Nothing is bigger right now than the Cleveland Indians torching the majors, winning their 17th game in a row. Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Brewers kept their & the St. Louis Cardinals hopes of chasing down the Chicago Cubs in the NL Central alive by clobbering the division leaders. More

Cubs beat Pirates

MLB Standings & Scores

Posted on 8 Sep, 2017, by in MLB

On the usual short schedule of Thursday, the Cleveland Indians stood out with their 15th consecutive win. The Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees both looked impressive, while the team with the best record in the majors, the Los Angeles Dodgers, kept their inexplicable nose dive, even with Clayton Kershaw on the mound. More

Wade Davis, Alex Avila

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Posted on 7 Sep, 2017, by in MLB

The two hottest teams in the majors, the Cleveland Indians and Arizona Diamondbacks, extended their win streaks. Meanwhile, the Chicago Cubs won a narrow shutout in Pittsburgh and the Boston Red Sox distanced themselves a bit further from the New York Yankees. More

Cleveland Indians Win Streak

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Posted on 6 Sep, 2017, by in MLB

Things aren’t slowing down for the hottest teams in the land: The Cleveland Indians picked up their 13th straight win with a dominant performance against the ChiSox, while the Arizona Diamondbacks picked up another W (12th in a row) against the slipping, although comfortable, Los Angeles Dodgers. More

Clayton Kershaw

MLB Standings & Scores

Posted on 2 Sep, 2017, by in MLB

Things were just like before when Clayton Kershaw returned to the mound, leading the Los Angeles Dodgers to win number 92, not giving up a single run. The Chicago Cubs won their 5th game in a row by shutting out the Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians maintained their status as the hottest team in Baseball, beating the Detroit Tigers in both double-header games. More

Diamondbacks beat Dodgers Greinke

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Posted on 1 Sep, 2017, by in MLB

The New York Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox to end the summer to keep their lead position in a tight wild card race, with the Minnesota Twins right behind them after beating the Chicago White Sox. In the National League, the surging Arizona Diamondbacks became the first team to sweep the Los Angeles Dodgers this season, while the Chicago Cubs maintain a cushy lead in the NL Central. More

Yasmani Grandal

MLB Scores & Standings

Posted on 20 Aug, 2017, by in MLB

Nothing too dramatic around Baseball as the New York Yankees pick up a win in Fenway Park over the Boston Red Sox, the Chicago Cubs continue to lead the NL … More