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Aaron Ramsey Gives Arsenal & Arsene Wenger a Sweet Ending to a Bitter Season

Posted on 27 May, 2017, by in Soccer

No Champions League next season for Arsenal, but they do end the 2016-2017 with the FA Cup thanks to a late goal by Aaron Ramsey, securing a 2-1 win over Chelsea, denying them the double. More

The Aaron Ramsey Goals-Celebrity Death Curse Strikes Again

Posted on 14 Jan, 2016, by in Soccer

It’s been awhile since the Aaron Ramsey goalscoring curse which is often linked to celebrities dying has been mentioned, but his recent goals for Arsenal and the deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman brought it back into relevance. More

Arsenal FC – Petr Cech Finally Shows Why Arsene Wenger Signed Him

Posted on 24 Aug, 2015, by in Soccer

After two unimpressive match to start his Arsenal career, Petr Cech performed perfectly in the 0-0 draw against Liverpool with a first half performance that was eventually worth a point to the gunners, making some reflex-saves very few goalkeepers can do themselves. More

Arsenal FC – Olivier Giroud Isn’t Useless After All

Posted on 24 Aug, 2014, by in Soccer

Deep down inside, Arsene Wenger wishes he had a better striker than Olivier Giroud. However, on the current Arsenal team, he is the best he’s got, which is weird (or not, depending on how familiar you are with the French manager’s logic) he’d put himself with his back against the wall until opting to use the forward to save himself from the first loss of the season. More

Arsenal FC – Olivier Giroud Is Getting Worse

Posted on 20 Aug, 2014, by in Soccer

It’s hard to decide whether Arsenal are pleased with their performance in the Champions League qualifiers or should be worried about it. Other things are clear, such as the disastrous performance from Olivier Giroud who hasn’t shown any improvement over the last eight or nine months, and the importance of Aaron Ramsey finding himself sent off in the final minutes. More

Arsenal FC – Aaron Ramsey Will Determine How Far They Go

Posted on 11 Aug, 2014, by in Soccer

Even with a fully healthy Aaron Ramsey, it’s doubtful Arsenal would have stayed much longer in the title race. And yet this season once again begins with gushing hope, which relies on the injury-free status of the 23-year old Welshman, elevating himself to the status of the team’s most important player. More

Arsenal FC – Mesut Ozil Coming Back to Life

Posted on 5 Dec, 2013, by in Soccer

If there was ever an opportunity to give Olivier Giroud some much needed rest, Arsene Wenger finally found it, while getting something out of Nicklas Bendtner to the surprise of everyone. But focusing on more important players for Arsenal down the road, the fantastic job Aaron Ramsey this season in every match resulted in Mesut Ozil getting on the scoresheet, and looking better than he has in over a month. More

Arsenal FC – Aaron Ramsey is The Next to Bore Us With the Non Celebration

Posted on 1 Dec, 2013, by in Soccer

Of all the tedious things footballers can do to kill the joy in a sport that’s not as spontaneous and fun as it used to be comes the non celebration after scoring against former clubs. Aaron Ramsey is playing as well as anyone in the Premier League right now, adding two more goals in the fantastic title run Arsenal are having, but he sullied a wonderful afternoon by choosing to do the “classy” thing instead of letting out his true emotions. More

Arsenal FC – Jack Wilshere Should Keep Playing in a Wider Position

Posted on 27 Nov, 2013, by in Soccer

Maybe Jack Wilshere prefers playing as a central midfielder, a playmaker in the classic sense. But considering the squad Arsenal have and the system Arsene Wenger deploys, time and time again it’s been proven that the English international is a lot more useful when he plays in a wide position, almost as a winger. More

Arsenal FC – Arsene Wenger Twisting the Aaron Ramsey Situation

Posted on 26 Nov, 2013, by in Soccer

Last season, many were critical of Aaron Ramsey. His positioning, his ability. Arsenal weren’t too hot as well. Arsene Wenger wasn’t getting applause for the work he was doing as manager. This season? Everything has been turned around, and the French manager is trying to take full credit for the Welshman’s turnaround. More