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Soccer (Real Football) vs (American) Football – The Never Ending Story

Posted on 21 May, 2012, by in Miscellaneous

The most popular sport in the world is football. Not American football. No no. That weird thing they call soccer in the USA, which has a rising league called the … More

The History of the Super Bowl in Pictures Part II

Posted on 1 Feb, 2011, by in Featured

Part II of our Super Bowl history class, going through Super Bowl XXI with a Phil Simms led Giant beating the Broncos to Kurt Warner’s Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV and their win over the Titans. More

The History of the Super Bowl in Pictures Part I

Posted on 29 Jan, 2011, by in Featured

A week before the big game in Arlington, we’re doing a run down of all the Super Bowls, beginning with the first 20 NFL Finals – Super Bowl I (Packers) to Super Bowl XX (Bears). More

Wild Card Playoffs Cheerleaders Preview

Posted on 7 Jan, 2011, by in Babes

With the NFL playoffs kicking off tomorrow, besides having four great (hopefully) games to watch this weekend, there will be some lovely ladies aka cheerleaders prancing around the field. Here is a little taste of those girls you’ll find in the stadiums and on your TV screens this weekend. More

Can’t Argue With This Chargers Fan

Posted on 23 Nov, 2010, by in NFL

After last night, there’s no arguing with him. More