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Premier League: Conte & Wenger Daring Chelsea & Arsenal to Sack Them

Posted on 4 Mar, 2018, by in Soccer

With a 1-0 loss to Manchester City, Chelsea burrow even deeper in disappointing fifth place, making Antonio Conte’s future with the club murkier than ever before. Meanwhile, way below at sixth, Arsenal and Arsene Wenger continue to lose, making the frenchman’s attachment to the job seem more and more delusional. More

Premier League: Chelsea Humiliate Manchester United & Jose Mourinho

Posted on 23 Oct, 2016, by in Soccer

As the reality of being beaten by 4-0 sets in, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho can hide temporarily behind a mask of words, excuses and complaints about how Antonio Conte behaved, but the truth is he’s been doing a terrible job since helping assemble the most expensive squad in the history of English Football. More

10 Best Memes of Italy Schooling Spain

Posted on 28 Jun, 2016, by in Soccer

There have been moments that have marked the end of Tiki-Taka over the last four years. Italy beating Spain in a tactical masterclass is such a moment, along with an opportunity to make fun of the exiting European champions through memes. More

Juventus FC – Building for the Future Right Now

Posted on 19 Jan, 2014, by in Soccer

It’s going to be very difficult for anyone to move Juventus from the top spot in the Serie A and deny them a third consecutive championship in Italy. However, the ‘Old Lady’ has bigger things in mind than just local domination, but for that to change some decisions have to be made. More

Juventus FC – Antonio Conte Needs to Get Creative

Posted on 24 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

For two years, the super strong midfield and the 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 system, depending on how defensive Juventus wanted to play, worked like a charm. Not a lot of goals, but there weren’t too many problems keeping a clean sheet, and winning Serie A titles. Three years into the Antonio Conte project, maybe it’s time for a slightly refreshing change. More

Juventus FC – Sebastian Giovinco Still Has His Uses

Posted on 7 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

The deeper we go into the Serie A season, it’s quite clear that Juventus aren’t going to relatively comfortably win a third consecutive title. Teams are taking out Andrea Pirlo, the midfield isn’t finding the answers, and it seems that the team only starts playing with conviction after a substitution by Antonio Conte (this time Sebastian Giovinco) or conceding a goal that forces them to raise their game. More

Juventus FC – Arturo Vidal Can’t Keep Saving Them

Posted on 3 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

After waiting for so long to get their attack fixed and possibly succeeding by adding Carlos Tevez and Fernando Llorente, the usually impregnable Juventus defense has been looking awkward this season, while the midfield unit with Paul Pogba, Andrea Pirlo and Arturo Vidal looks slow and predictable. More

Juventus FC – Why Fernando Llorente Isn’t Playing

Posted on 21 Sep, 2013, by in Soccer

One of the surprising absentees from the Juventus lineups this season has been Fernando Llorente, signed this summer as answer to the club’s forward problems, but so far has seen only one minute of action in the Serie A and Champions League matches. More

Juventus FC – Carlos Tevez is the Best Bargain of the Season

Posted on 1 Sep, 2013, by in Soccer

Being champions in the Serie A doesn’t mean you have to spend money like the rest of the big boys in Europe. Juventus have spent more than anyone else in Italy over the last few years, but still, it’s been sensible and smart, with Carlos Tevez, who has scored on his first three appearances for the club, being an excellent example of doing good business. More

Juventus FC – Paul Pogba is the Real Deal

Posted on 25 Aug, 2013, by in Soccer

Maybe, at the moment, Paul Pogba is still the fourth option for Juventus to start in their midfield trio, and only got the full 90 minutes in their most recent win over Sampdoria because Claudio Marchisio was injured. It doesn’t really matter, when his future seems so bright, and he’s making the most of every opportunity he gets. More