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Rajon Rondo

NBA Rumors – Boston Celtics & Sacramento Kings Close to Completing Rajon Rondo Trade

Posted on 19 Aug, 2014, by in Basketball

A potential trade that has been “cooking” for quite some time has been that of Rajon Rondo going to the Sacramento Kings from the Boston Celtics. It’s not quite clear how certain this impending deal is, but it seems that Ben McLemore and Derrick Williams will two players making the opposite trip. More

The king of luxury tax

NBA Teams Over the Luxury Tax Line

Posted on 24 Jul, 2014, by in Basketball

The Luxury tax is a dreaded word among NBA front offices, and yet there are four teams that enter this season going over the line: The Brooklyn Nets, the New York Knicks, the Los Angeles Clippes and the Boston Celtics. More

Kevin Love

NBA Rumors – Boston Celtics & Golden State Warriors Not Giving up on Kevin Love

Posted on 9 Jul, 2014, by in Basketball

While Kevin Love is no longer controlling the headlines when it comes to the offseason, the Minnesota Timberwolves forward is still a trade target for the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors, trying to figure out what will it take to get him. More

Rajon Rondo

NBA Rumors – Boston Celtics Trying to Trade Rajon Rondo to the Sacramento Kings

Posted on 26 Jun, 2014, by in Basketball

The rumors surrounding the impeding departure of Rajon Rondo from the Boston Celtics via trade have been going on for years, but maybe there’s a bit more seriousness to them this time, as the efforts to rebuild might send the point guard for the 8th overall pick the Sacramento Kings have, which will then lead the Celtics to draft Marcus Smart or Elfrid Payton with one of their two first round picks. More

Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green

NBA Rumors – Boston Celtics Can’t Get Kevin Love so They’ll Trade Rajon Rondo

Posted on 21 Jun, 2014, by in Basketball

For a moment it looked like the Boston Celtics are the front runners in the race to try and convince the Minnesota Timberwolves regarding the Kevin Love trade. But as other teams show their stuff, it’s clear that the rebuilding and currently direction-less Celtics aren’t seriously being considered, which might opt them to go in a different direction completely: Trading Rajon Rondo and keep doing their overhaul. More

Kevin Love

NBA Rumors – Boston Celtics Want But Can’t Get Kevin Love

Posted on 6 Jun, 2014, by in Basketball

Wanting Kevin Love and actually getting him are two completely different things. The Boston Celtics are very interested in the Minnesota Timberwolves player, but even with their many draft picks and young players to offer, there doesn’t seem to be a package good enough to convince a team to give up on their biggest star. More

Kevin Love #42

NBA Rumors – Everyone Really Interested in Kevin Love

Posted on 19 May, 2014, by in Basketball

There’s nothing official coming from Kevin Love or the Minnesota Timberwolves, but everyone is assuming he wants out – either via trade this season or as a free agent a year from now. That puts plenty of teams on alert: The Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks, joined by the Boston Celtics, Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns and also Love’s personal favorites – the Golden State Warriors and the Chicago Bulls. More

Carmelo Anthony

NBA Playoffs – No Celtics, Knicks & Lakers For the First Time Ever

Posted on 13 Apr, 2014, by in Basketball, Featured

The two royal dynasties of the NBA are the Boston Celtics with their 17 championships, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers winning 16. The New York Knicks only have two, but they’re a special part of the league’s history, and for the first time all three teams aren’t going to be in the playoffs, while Carmelo Anthony, part of his equation, missed the postseason for the first time in his career. More

Bulls beat Celtics

Chicago Bulls – Defense & Efficiency Win Championships

Posted on 31 Mar, 2014, by in Basketball

The majority still isn’t sold on the Chicago Bulls being championship contenders, but it doesn’t stop the team from envisioning it happen, led by D.J. Augustin in 107-102 win over the Boston Celtics, improving their chances of having home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. More

Rajon Rondo

Celtics Over Heat – Rajon Rondo Enjoying the LeBron James Absence

Posted on 20 Mar, 2014, by in Basketball

The Boston Celtics aren’t a very good team, but once in a while they can do a bit better than everyone expects of them, as Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh weren’t enough to carry the Miami Heat through a game without LeBron James, while Rajon Rondo looked like a point guard worth keeping for the future. More