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Texas Longhorns – Best Coaching Job in College Football, According to ESPN

Posted on 1 Mar, 2015, by in Football

A very interesting project at ESPN ranked the 65 power conference programs by the attractivity of the head coaching job. The “winners”? Texas, despite their lack of success, followed by Alabama, USC, Ohio State and surprisingly, Florida. More

Cardale Jones

Ohio State Buckeyes – Cardale Jones Makes the Right Choice And Stays in School

Posted on 16 Jan, 2015, by in Football

Despite the hype machine of the NFL draft working overtime and the intense competition waiting for him at Ohio State for the quarterback position, Cardale Jones made the right choice by deciding to stay for another year in college instead of trying his luck with a résumé of only three starts. More

Ohio State number one

2014 College Football Season – Final Rankings

Posted on 13 Jan, 2015, by in Featured, Football

We don’t need polls anymore to tell us who the national champions are; Ohio State won the College Football Playoff and that’s it. But the top 25 to close the 2014 season does tell us that behind the two finalists (Buckeyes and Oregon), TCU “jumped” the losers of the semifinal (Alabama and Florida State) while Michigan State, Georgia Tech, Georgia and UCLA enjoyed great bowl games, propelling them into the top 10. More

Oregon vs Ohio State

College Football Playoff – Oregon vs Ohio State Predictions

Posted on 12 Jan, 2015, by in Football

The conclusion of the first season with a College Football Playoff in place comes with the national championship game between Oregon, seemingly missing out on this game year after year until finally getting the job done and Ohio State, coached by two-time champions Urban Meyer, carrying not just the torch for the school and it’s previous losses in the BCS system, but also for the entire Big Ten conference. More

Urban Meyer

College Football Playoff – Why Ohio State Will Beat Oregon & Win the National Championship

Posted on 7 Jan, 2015, by in Featured, Football

The Ohio State Buckeyes are going to beat the Oregon Ducks in the national championship game of the College Football playoff because Urban Meyer has two random things in his past going for him. These things always work, until they don’t. More

Florida beat East Carolina

College Football – Final Bowl Season Scores & Conference Records

Posted on 4 Jan, 2015, by in Football

With Florida beating East Carolina in the Birmingham Bowl we come to the end (almost) of the 2014-2015 bowl season, which leaves us with just one game in this college … More

UCLA beat Kansas State

College Football – Day 11 Bowl Game Scores

Posted on 3 Jan, 2015, by in Football

After New Year’s, all the bowl games seem to pale in comparison to what we already had. The last day of multiple bowl games and good ones at that crowned Houston in the Armed Forced Bowl after a miraculous comeback, Tennessee in the Taxslayer bowl, UCLA in the Alamo Bowl and Oklahoma State won the Cactus Bowl. More

Michigan State beat Baylor

College Football – Day 10 Bowl Game Scores

Posted on 2 Jan, 2015, by in Football

The best day in the history of bowl season as the College Football playoff proved itself with two incredible games – Oregon destroying Florida State in the Rose Bowl and followed by Ohio State stunning Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Before that, the Big Ten won major points with wins for Wisconsin (over Auburn) and Michigan State (against Baylor) in the Outback and Cotton Bowl, while Missouri had no problem dispatching of Minnesota in the Citrus Bowl. More

Alabama vs Ohio State

College Football Playoff – Alabama vs Ohio State Prediction

Posted on 1 Jan, 2015, by in Football

The second semifinal of the College Football Playoff will be held under the moniker of the Sugar Bowl as number one seed Alabama take on Ohio State, rekindling the old rivalry between Nick Saban and Urban Meyer while at stake will also be the pride of the conferences. More

Mississippi State fan

Bowl Season – So Much For SEC Dominance

Posted on 1 Jan, 2015, by in Football

Sometimes the SEC has the best team in the nation, but it doesn’t make it the best conference. TCU destroying Ole Miss in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl and Georgia Tech running all over Mississippi State in the Capital One Orange Bowl proved that no matter how much hyped a conference or a division might be, the run of national championships has distorted the perception of the quality and depth of the SEC. More