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College Football – Rankings Starting to Change From Upsets and Close Calls

Posted on 13 Sep, 2015, by in College Football

Teams like Ohio State, Alabama, TCU and Baylor are in the clear for now. Michigan State got rid of Oregon in what should lead to some major rankings change, Auburn almost lost to an FCS team which says something about their bid and hope of winning the SEC and making the College Football Playoffs while others, like USC, LSU and maybe Georgia, Florida State and Clemson are hoping they find themselves in the discussion at some point. More

Ohio State Buckeyes

2015 College Football Season – Week 1 Rankings

Posted on 9 Sep, 2015, by in College Football

Not a lot of changes in the first top 25 of the season, as Ohio State remain the #1 team compared to preseason following a win over Virginia Tech, while the SEC puts a record 10 teams in the rankings, including Alabama, Auburn and Georgia in the top 10. Arizona State, Stanford and Wisconsin dropped from the rankings following losses, allowing Texas A&M, Utah and Mississippi State to climb in. More

Kyle Allen

College Football – Upsets Won’t Shake Up Rankings Too Much

Posted on 6 Sep, 2015, by in College Football

The first weekend of the 2015 College Football season won’t give us a major shakeup to the preseason rankings, as the losses by Stanford, Arizona State and Wisconsin are all by teams outside the top 14, while favorites to contend for a playoff spot like TCU, Alabama, Baylor and Michigan State didn’t run in to any problems. More

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College Football – Preseason Coaches Rankings

Posted on 31 Jul, 2015, by in College Football

The first coaches poll of the season, the preseason one, means that the 2015 College Football season is just around the corner, with national champions Ohio State looking like the on-paper favorites at the moment, although TCU & Alabama also get mentioned. More

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Miami Hurricanes – New Jerseys Don’t Mean Better Football

Posted on 19 Jul, 2015, by in College Football

Turns out there’s a way to keep the Miami Hurricanes relevant in the College Football world – bring out new jerseys once again, possibly helping people forget how poorly they’ve done on the field in the last 12 years. More

2015 Spring Game

College Football – Highest Attendances in 2015 Spring Game

Posted on 20 Apr, 2015, by in NFL

It’s spring, which means College Football season is slowly starting to raise it’s beautiful head. This usually means packed venues at the annual spring game, although it seems no one can come close to the enthusiasm among Big Ten fans, especially at Ohio State, Nebraska and Penn State. More

Ohio State Spring Game

College Football – Ohio State Fans Can’t Wait For the Season to Begin

Posted on 19 Apr, 2015, by in NFL

The old record for attendance at the spring game? It belonged to Ohio State. The new one? Set by the Buckeyes again, drawing 99,391 fans to Ohio Stadium in order to celebrate once more their national championship, and start getting ready for the 2015 season. More

Texas Longhorns – Best Coaching Job in College Football, According to ESPN

Posted on 1 Mar, 2015, by in NFL

A very interesting project at ESPN ranked the 65 power conference programs by the attractivity of the head coaching job. The “winners”? Texas, despite their lack of success, followed by Alabama, USC, Ohio State and surprisingly, Florida. More

Cardale Jones

Ohio State Buckeyes – Cardale Jones Makes the Right Choice And Stays in School

Posted on 16 Jan, 2015, by in NFL

Despite the hype machine of the NFL draft working overtime and the intense competition waiting for him at Ohio State for the quarterback position, Cardale Jones made the right choice by deciding to stay for another year in college instead of trying his luck with a résumé of only three starts. More

Ohio State number one

2014 College Football Season – Final Rankings

Posted on 13 Jan, 2015, by in Featured, NFL

We don’t need polls anymore to tell us who the national champions are; Ohio State won the College Football Playoff and that’s it. But the top 25 to close the 2014 season does tell us that behind the two finalists (Buckeyes and Oregon), TCU “jumped” the losers of the semifinal (Alabama and Florida State) while Michigan State, Georgia Tech, Georgia and UCLA enjoyed great bowl games, propelling them into the top 10. More