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Clemson beat Louisville

College Football Week 5 Scores & Standings

Posted on 2 Oct, 2016, by in College Football

A busy week 5 gave us Alabama crushing Kentucky and Ohio State shutting out Rutgers in easy conference wins, while Clemson got their big victory of the season, handing Louisville their first loss of the season, while Michigan didn’t let the power of Wisconsin get in their way, also ending the Badgers undefeated run. More


College Football: Week 3 Standings & Scores

Posted on 18 Sep, 2016, by in College Football

Despite falling behind by 21 points, Alabama survive their first SEC game of the season and escape Oxford with a win over Ole Miss. Florida State couldn’t do the same in their first ACC game, getting destroyed by Louisville and Lamar Jackson. The Big Ten favorites both won: Ohio State manhandled Oklahoma in Norman, while Michigan had a bad start against Colorado, but managed to come out on top in the end. More

A.J. McCarron

2013 College Football Season – Undefeated Teams After Week 4

Posted on 22 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

After week 4 of the 2013 College Football season, we still have 29 undefeated teams: 4 SEC Teams (Missouri, LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss), 6 Pac-12 teams (Stanford, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, UCLA, Colorado), 5 ACC teams (Clemson, Florida State, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Miami), 4 Big 12 Teams (Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Baylor, Oklahoma State), 4 Big Ten teams (Michigan, Minnesota, Northwestern, Ohio State), 3 AAC Teams (Louisville, Houston, UCF), 1 Independent (Navy), 1 MAC team (Northern Illinois), and 1 MWC team (Fresno State). More

Pacers vs Knicks 2013

NBA Playoffs – Eastern Conference Race

Posted on 4 Apr, 2013, by in Featured

In the Eastern conference, unlike the Superior West, there are fewer questioned to be answered regarding the final playoff picture in the 2012-2013 NBA season. The Miami Heat won’t lose … More

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College Football – Undefeated Teams Dropping Like Flies

Posted on 8 Oct, 2012, by in NFL

The first week of October in the college football season always means more upsets and losses to high ranked & undefeated teams. Who’s left with no losses after week 6? 2 in the Big 12 (West Virginia, Kansas State), 3 in the Big East (Rutgers, Cincinnati, Louisville), 1 in the Big Ten (Ohio State), 1 in the MAC (Ohio), 2 in the Pac-12 (Oregon, Oregon State), 4 in the SEC (Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi State), 2 in the WAC (Louisiana Tech, UTSA) and Notre Dame. More

College Football – Staying Undefeated Till the Very End

Posted on 30 Sep, 2012, by in NFL

With week 5 of the 2012 College Football season behind us, we have undefeated teams: 1 of the ACC (Florida State), 5 from the Big 12 (Kansas State, TCU, Texas, Texas Tech, West Virginia), 3 from the Big East (Rutgers, Cincinnati, Louisville), 2 in the Big Ten (Ohio State, Northwestern), 1 in the MAC (Ohio), 2 in the Pac-12 (Oregon, Oregon State), 6 in the SEC (Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, LSU, Mississippi State), 2 in the WAC (UTSA, Louisiana Tech) and Notre Dame. More