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Chicago Bulls Weren’t Cheated by the Officials & Denver Nuggets

Posted on 19 Mar, 2013, by in NBA

Despite feeling like they were robbed from a win over the Denver Nuggets, the Chicago Bulls have nothing to complain about. Well, almost nothing. Joakim Noah touched the ball as it was going down, in the cylinder off of Marco Belinelli’s shot. The officials were right to disallow that basket, and give the Nuggets the 119-118 win More

God is a Manchester United Fan

Posted on 25 Sep, 2012, by in Featured

There has to be a reason why referees in big matches, and especially in the Liverpool – Manchester United rivalry usually take the red devils side when it comes to big decision, giving Alex Ferguson the reputation of someone who influences the results with more than just his lineup and in-game decisions. More

Aftermath of the Pacquiao – Bradley Fight

Posted on 10 Jun, 2012, by in Boxing

Manny Pacquiao landed more punches and more power shots than Timothy Bradley. According to anyone who was watching and scoring the fight, Pacquiao had won something between 8 to 10 of the rounds. It was that one sided. But the judges saw a completely different fight, and somehow, someway, decided to give the sport another terrible decision – Bradley wins, Split Decision. More

Guardiola and Barcelona Learn Bad Habits From Jose Mourinho

Posted on 3 Apr, 2011, by in Soccer

Pep Guardiola, like Jose Mourinho, doesn’t like to leave things to chance. When the 1-0 win at Villareal looked like it was in the bag, Guardiola pulled a ‘Mourinho’ and ordered two players to get booked in a TOO obvious way. More

Jose Mourinho – Genius, Clever, But Wrong

Posted on 24 Nov, 2010, by in Soccer

Jose Mourinho made a brilliant decision by sacrificing two players he didn’t need next week and telling them to get themselves sent off last night against Ajax. Good for Real Madrid, bad for the sport. More