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Cristiano Ronaldo Tries to Kick Eran Zehavi

Posted on 12 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

In a frustrating performance Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal will probably try to forget, the Real Madrid star had a moment he won’t be too proud of, as early in the match he tried to kick Israel’s Eran Zehavi after not feeling too happy about being closely marked. More

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo in the Worst Game of his Career

Posted on 12 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

After over 600 matches for club & country, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to put up what is probably the most ineffective performance of his career, as Portugal failed to beat Israel in a World Cup qualifying match for the second straight time, and Ronaldo himself couldn’t even get to take one shot at goal. More

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Has a New Reason to be Unhappy

Posted on 11 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

It’s very important for Cristiano Ronaldo to be recognized as the best footballer in the world, especially by his own teammates and other levels of Real Madrid management. Zinedine Zidane backing Franck Ribery to win the Ballon d’Or has the potential to create another mini-drama, or possibly something bigger. More

Victor Valdes

Barcelona vs Real Madrid – Victor Valdes Trash Talking Against Pepe & Cristiano Ronaldo

Posted on 8 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

We still have more than two weeks left before the first Clasico of the season between Barcelona and Real Madrid, but it doesn’t mean it’s too early to start the trash talk, which involves Victor Valdes taking some humorous shots at Pepe and Cristiano Ronaldo. More

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Scoring More Goals Than Anyone in Europe

Posted on 7 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

Even though Lionel Messi owns the books on goal scoring records, things are a bit different in 2013, with Cristiano Ronaldo so far leading all players from the top five leagues in Europe with 50 goals this season – 44 of them coming for Real Madrid and six more while playing for the national team. More

Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid Players

Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo Can’t Get More Clutch Than This

Posted on 6 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

Every bit of criticism poured onto Real Madrid and Carlo Ancelotti is justified, but most of the time, it doesn’t matter. Cristiano Ronaldo can’t stop scoring goals during injury time, truly making something out of the nothing that is his team’s open play, while Karim Benzema is fading away into obscurity and Isco isn’t as good as advertised. More

Shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo Luckily Keeps Title Hopes Alive

Posted on 5 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

Once again, a bit too much of injury time saves Real Madrid from being knocked out of the La Liga title race. This time, Cristiano Ronaldo needed a lucky bounce and Alvaro Morata to give his team any kind of hope with the first goal of the season for him in a dramatic and undeserved 3-2 win over Levante. More

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Improves to 55 Champions League Goals in His Career

Posted on 3 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

The special thing about Cristiano Ronaldo is his ability to score goals despite his team going through rough patches, playing badly and what not. Scoring the first two in Real Madrid’s 4-0 win over FC Copenhagen, he has now improved to 55 goals in the Champions League, fourth on the all-time list. More

Cristiano Ronaldo, Angel di Maria

Real Madrid – Angel di Maria is Currently Better Than Gareth Bale

Posted on 3 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

There was never any question about Real Madrid going back to their winning ways, but it was still refreshing to see someone either than Cristiano Ronaldo be their best player on the pitch, with Angel di Maria proving his place is in the lineup, and at the moment is a better fit than an injured or healthy Gareth Bale. More

Ancelotti, Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Trying to Take Real Madrid Heat Away From Carlo Ancelotti

Posted on 1 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

Who is more at fault – the players or the manager? The two are connected, eternally. Cristiano Ronaldo played badly, and so did the rest of his team, but the Real Madrid star is still trying to direct the attention away from his manager, even if Carlo Ancleotti wasn’t as kind to his own players after losing in the derby. More