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Iker Casillas – The Final Real Madrid Chapter?

Posted on 16 Apr, 2014, by in Soccer

This has been another weird season for a goalkeeper that would probably start for almost every team in the world but because of Jose Mourinho and that huge ego of his has turned into a second option for Real Madrid and Carlo Ancelotti. Only the Italian manager isn’t “all-in” in the Iker Casillas humiliation process, giving him the chance to play in Cup matches and the Champions League. More

Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo Disappearing When They Need Him the Most

Posted on 27 Mar, 2014, by in Soccer

The Madrid media is looking for someone to blame as Real Madrid looked on the golden brick road towards winning a championship, but two matches and three days later finding themselves behind their two rivals. There are many to blame, and even though Cristiano Ronaldo scored in both matches, he shares a big part of it. More

Iker Casillas – Real Madrid Isn’t the Place For Him

Posted on 7 Nov, 2013, by in Soccer

It’ll be somewhat of an end to an era when Iker Casillas decides to leave Real Madrid, the only club he’s ever played for. Despite getting a match to play once every two weeks at best, his ability doesn’t seem to be affect, which makes it even more frustrating for him to be sitting behind Diego Lopez, hoping Carlo Ancelotti changes his mind. More

Real Madrid – Iker Casillas Shouldn’t Stay Anymore

Posted on 14 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

It doesn’t seem like Iker Casillas is important these days to Real Madrid and those leading the club, be it the head coach or those that are above him. Despite being a club legend and a Spanish national hero, looking to end his career elsewhere isn’t going to be the first time someone of his stature was run out of the club and enjoyed a happier ending somewhere else. More

Real Madrid – Iker Casillas Can’t Catch a Break

Posted on 19 Sep, 2013, by in Soccer

It seems like 2013 just isn’t the year for Iker Casillas, as the greatest goalkeeper in the history of the Spanish national team made it only 15 minutes into his first start of the season before picking up a rib injury, forced to leave the pitch and pave way for Diego Lopez in more than one way. More

Real Madrid – Iker Casillas Won’t Stay With Champions League Football Alone

Posted on 17 Sep, 2013, by in Soccer

Rotating goalkeeper on a regular basis is not a proven way to win titles; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Iker Casillas might be getting out of the freezer and will enjoy some playing time in the Champions League, but Diego Lopez is still the number one keeper for Real Madrid, and playing six times in three months won’t be what makes Casillas forget about wanting to leave. More

Real Madrid – Iker Casillas in Another Season of Goalkeeper Controversy

Posted on 20 Aug, 2013, by in Soccer

Managers have been replaced, but the questions around the goalkeeper selection at Real Madrid remain. Carlo Ancelotti chose to start with Diego Lopez in the first match of the season, leaving a very angry Iker Casillas on the bench. More

Real Madrid – Iker Casillas Is Hoping He Hasn’t Been Forgotten

Posted on 24 Jul, 2013, by in Soccer

The Confederations Cup provided an opportunity to see that Iker Casillas is still a leading goalkeeper, and that the events of last season at Real Madrid were all part of some very weird development that couldn’t of happened anywhere else, and yet there’s no doubt that his status as the unmovable keeper of the club has changed for the worse. More

Jose Mourinho Hates Pepe & Iker Casillas but Loves Diego Lopez & Raphael Varane

Posted on 7 May, 2013, by in Soccer

It’s always personal for Jose Mourinho, always has been. Probably knowing his time at Real Madrid is coming to an end, he doesn’t mind blasting out at strong dressing room figures like Pepe and Iker Casillas, while praising himself by “supporting” Raphale Varane and Diego Lopez. More

Real Madrid – Cristiano Ronaldo Enjoys a Diving Kaka

Posted on 11 Mar, 2013, by in Soccer

Whether it’s a good or bad performance from Cristiano Ronaldo, the goal will come. It may not win him any awards or league titles, but it’s hard to say there’s anyone in the world playing better than him right now, as Real Madrid continue to surge with good things happening to them lately and late in matches. More