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Mohamed Salah

Tottenham Cheat Their Way to a Draw at Anfield Against Liverpool

Posted on 4 Feb, 2018, by in Soccer

Twice Mohamed Salah put Liverpool ahead in their big match against Tottenham. Once it was a terrific Victor Wanyama strike that equalized. The second time, deep in injury time, it … More

Liverpool FC Screwed Over by Neil Swarbrick & Brendan Rodgers

Posted on 21 Sep, 2013, by in Soccer

Who plays without full backs, instead opting for a lineup that includes a defensive line of four centre backs? Brendan Rodgers has the answers. However, Liverpool can also complain about the decisions made by Neil Swarbick, not giving them a clear penalty in the first half after Daniel Sturridge was fouled by Dejan Lovren but because he didn’t dive, no foul was called. More

When Sport Fans Attack

Posted on 5 Mar, 2011, by in Featured

With news of Jose Mourinho’s bodyguard stabbed last week in A Coruna airport, probably aiming at the Real Madrid head coach, here are other famous incidents when fans crossed the line and attempted (sometimes succeeding) to harm players and referees. More