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Liverpool FC – Luis Suarez Can’t Catch a Break

Posted on 9 Oct, 2012, by in Soccer

Obviously, when a Liverpool fan makes a video about how Luis Suarez is being short changed by the referees this season, it’s will be taken with a grain of salt. After the Uruguayan added yet another pathetic dive to his repertoire you can only expect only more ignoring from referees to his appeals. More

Chelsea FC – John Terry Suspended After All

Posted on 27 Sep, 2012, by in Soccer

John Terry may have escaped the legal system unscathed for his racial slur at Anton Ferdinand during last season, but he didn’t escape the justice system of the FA, receiving a four game suspension and a £220,000 fine, pending appeal. More

Manchester United – Alex Ferguson Getting Angry Over Nothing

Posted on 2 Sep, 2012, by in Soccer

Does everyone across the footballing world have to fall in line with the needs and wants of Alex Ferguson and Manchester United? Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped the Scottish manager from being furious with the English FA for letting everyone know that Ashley Young is injured, while the Red Devils are trying to cover up that fact. More

The Rio Ferdinand – England – John Terry Needless Drama

Posted on 4 Jun, 2012, by in Soccer

Rio Ferdinand out. Despite being in good form all season long. Despite the fact that England’s injuries keep piling up, most recently Martin Kelly. What does Roy Hodgson do? Call up Martin Kelly from Liverpool, who is mostly a right back, without beginning to speak about the ability and experience factor. More

Harry Redknapp Leading Odds for England Manager

Posted on 9 Feb, 2012, by in Soccer

Harry Redknapp will be England’s next manager, if the bookies are to be believed. They usually know a thing or two about what’s about to go down, which isn’t exactly good for any sport, but that’s a different matter. The pundits, rumor mills and pretty much everyone have the loveable (to some) Spurs manager labeled as the man to take over Capello’s work. More

Nothing Surprising About Fabio Capello Quitting His England Job

Posted on 8 Feb, 2012, by in Soccer

Fabio Capello was on the hot seat since the 2010 World Cup. Since Frank Lampard’s ball bounced out of the goal, more or less. An unimpressive but fruitful Euro 2012 campaign didn’t make things easier and nicer between the FA and the highest paid manager in international football, and eventually, John Terry’s armband cost him his job. More