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Louis van Gaal

Manchester United – Louis van Gaal Doing What David Moyes Couldn’t

Posted on 13 Apr, 2015, by in Soccer

It’s going to be almost impossible for Manchester United to win the Premier League this season, but the turnaround achieved by Louis van Gaal when compared to last season and even the team’s form until not too long ago, not to mention the ability and performance level, shows that sacking David Moyes was the right decision. More

Raheem Sterling

Liverpool FC – Raheem Sterling is Simply Doing What He Thinks is Best For Him

Posted on 2 Apr, 2015, by in Soccer

Being a 20-year old footballer who hasn’t really gotten around to doing too much, Raheem Sterling is easily coming off as a greedy little s@#$ for refusing to sign quite a hefty pay raise and extension with Liverpool, but he’s just doing what anyone else in his position would probably be doing. More

Steven Gerrard

Match Highlights – Liverpool vs Manchester United

Posted on 22 Mar, 2015, by in Soccer

Two heroes to the Manchester United 2-1 victory at Anfield against Liverpool; Juan Mata with a brace that might secure a place in the Champions League, and Steven Gerrard stomping on Ander Herrera, getting sent off after only 44 seconds. More

Liverpool beat Manchester City

Match Highlights – Liverpool vs Manchester City

Posted on 1 Mar, 2015, by in Soccer

Two super goals from Jordan Henderson and yes, once again, Philippe Coutinho, led Liverpool to their biggest win of the season, 2-1 over Manchester City, playing second fiddle to their Anfield hosts, and maybe raising a white flag in the Premier League title race this season. More

Liverpool Jesus

Liverpool FC – The Jesus Effect

Posted on 24 Feb, 2015, by in Soccer

I’m not sure if god is a Liverpool supporter. But it turns out there’s someone dressing up as Jesus showing up at Anfield over the last couple of months, and the team has been undefeated in the Premier League since he made his appearance. More

Chelsea cheating gallery

Chelsea FC – Jose Mourinho Trying to Whine His Way to the Title

Posted on 22 Feb, 2015, by in Soccer

As expected, Chelsea losing points against Burnley results in Jose Mourinho going on the offensive against referees and trying to make it seem like there is some villainous campaign against poor little Chelsea, hoping to deprive them of their upcoming Premier League title. Mourinho isn’t fooling everyone – he’s lying because that’s his way of handling a football season. We all know he is. And it still annoys us. Which makes him the winner. More

Steven Gerrard

Liverpool Derby a Disappointing Last One for Steven Gerrard

Posted on 8 Feb, 2015, by in Soccer

Nothing actually happened in the derby. Jordon Ibe had his moments and showed promise on the right wing of Brendan Rodgers’ 3-4-3. Liverpool have a lot of players that their best days are ahead of them, but some of those that are in a different stage of their careers might be dragging them down. More

Chelsea FC

Manchester City Giving the Title Away to Chelsea

Posted on 8 Feb, 2015, by in Soccer

Just when we thought this Premier League season was going to get interesting, Manchester City find another way to give Chelsea a chance to extend their lead on top of the Premier League table to seven points, making it now almost impossible to catch up. More

Harry Kane

Tottenham vs Arsenal – Goals & Highlights

Posted on 7 Feb, 2015, by in Soccer

In another fantastic North London derby, Harry Kane was once again the hero for Tottenham, scoring twice to complete a Spurs comeback in the second half after Mesut Ozil opened the scoring for Arsenal. More

Diego Costa, Martin Skrtel

Chelsea FC – Diego Costa & Jose Mourinho Deserve Each Other

Posted on 28 Jan, 2015, by in Soccer

While Jose Mourinho would like everyone to believe his words of a campaign or conspiracy against him and Chelsea, the fact that Diego Costa still hasn’t been sent off this season serves as proof that it might even be the other way around. More