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Falcao – The Best Striker in the World

Posted on 13 Oct, 2012, by in Soccer

It’s hard to put the finger on the exact reason that makes the emergence of Falaco and his climb in the football social ladder, becoming the world’s best and most talked about striker at the moment. It’s beyond his incredible scoring rate; maybe it has to do with the fact that he plays for Atletico Madrid and Colombia. More

Falcao Thrives in Europa League Finals (Atletico Madrid vs Bilbao)

Posted on 9 May, 2012, by in Soccer

Radamel Falcao is no stranger to the Europa League final, having already scored in it and won the final in the previous season with Porto. One year later, and Falcao was up to the same tricks, scoring a fantastic double before Diego closed out the game much much later, setting up an impressive 3-0 win over Athletic Bilbao, winning the title for the second time in three years. More