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Pittsburgh Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger Can Already Forget About This Season

Posted on 17 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

Even if he is a great quarterback, there’s a limit to the amount of punishment Ben Roethilsberger can take, as the Pittsburgh Steelers seem to offer no help whatsoever in the form of a decent protection scheme, a capable offensive line or a less than terrible running game. More

Pittsburgh Steelers – Isaac Redman Sadly the Best They Currently Have at Running Back

Posted on 12 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

The Pittsburgh Steelers were really hoping that this season will give them an opportunity to use better running backs than Isaac Redman. Injuries and bad luck have prevented that from happening, and maintaining their dependency on a back who isn’t good enough to rejuvenate a very bad ground game. More

NFL Rumors – New England Patriots Interested in Felix Jones

Posted on 10 May, 2013, by in NFL

It’s late in the off-season, but there seems to be some late interest as well in Felix Jones, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys. After visiting with the Philadelphia Eagles, the next stop for the mostly disappointing running back is with the New England Patriots, who might be more interested in his receiving abilities than what he can do on the ground. More

NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles Interested in Felix Jones

Posted on 8 May, 2013, by in NFL

After being released by the Dallas Cowboys, there hasn’t been too much interest in running back and potential return man Felix Jones. However, salvation might be coming from the direction of the Philadelphia Eagles, who do have a clear idea about who their top rushers should be, although it doesn’t mean Jones can’t help as another backup and in the return game. More

NFL Rumors – New York Jets Interested in Felix Jones

Posted on 9 Mar, 2013, by in NFL

After being the number one pick nearly five years ago for the Dallas Cowboys, it’s safe to say Felix Jones is a disappointment. Still, his age and hope that there’s still some untapped potential in him might push the New York Jets to go for the running back. More

NFL Rumors – Dallas Cowboys Still Believe in Demarco Murray

Posted on 18 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

Despite missing 9 games through his first two NFL seasons, the Dallas Cowboys are still planning to use Demarco Murray as their feature back, although they do realize that after seeing his proneness to injury, they need a solid player to back him up at running back. More

NFL Rumors – Dallas Cowboys Considering Keeping Felix Jones

Posted on 14 Feb, 2013, by in NFL

After five season of being mostly the backup running back for the Dallas Cowboys, it’s safe to assume that they’re not too pleased with what they’ve seen from him so far. Still, considering his injury problems from the previous year are gone and their need for someone to backup DeMarco Murray, Jones might still remain with the team when it’s all said and done. More

Dallas Cowboys – Tony Romo Doesn’t Have to be Great to Win

Posted on 12 Nov, 2012, by in NFL

For once, the Dallas Cowboys didn’t need their lightning rod of a quarterback to win the game. Scoring three touchdowns through a Tony Romo pass to Dez Bryant, a punt return by Dwayne Harris and an interception by Brandon Carr in less than three minutes did the job. More

NFL Mid-Season Trade Rumors

Posted on 31 Oct, 2012, by in Featured

There aren’t that many trades in the NFL during the middle of the season, or at least big ones. Still, the names of Steven Jackson of the St. Louis Rams, DeAngelo Williams of the Carolina Panthers and Felix Jones of the Dallas Cowboys seem to be creating some sort of interest with various teams around the league. More

Dallas Cowboys – Dez Bryant Again Doesn’t Help Tony Romo

Posted on 29 Oct, 2012, by in NFL

For the second time in three weeks, it was Dez Bryant that Tony Romo found in the end zone with a chance to make a big play in the final seconds. Last time, Bryant couldn’t hang on to the ball. This time, he simply landed a matter of two inches, with his fingers, beyond the line; instead of beating the New York Giants, they Dallas Cowboys are 3-4 and moving on to face the only undefeated team in the NFL. More