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Colo Colo & Santiago Wanderers Fans Fight & Cause Cancellation of Match

Posted on 6 Dec, 2015, by in Soccer

Chilean football, at least on the local level, is plagued with problems of corruption and hooliganism. Fan violence once again reared its ugly head, as a massive fight on the pitch between the fans of Colo Colo and Santiago Wanderers caused the match to be suspended and eventually cancelled. More

Hoping Theo Walcott Isn’t the Last Player to Make Fun of Fans

Posted on 5 Jan, 2014, by in Soccer

There was nothing abusive or malicious about Theo Walcott having a bit of fun with Spurs fans, pointing out what the result was while being taken off the pitch. No ‘giving them the finger’, no verbal abuse (not from his direction). Just an Arsenal player enjoying a win over their biggest rival. Unlike Jack Wilshere, we hope to see more of this from players in the sport. More

The Ultimate Champions League Babe Gallery

Posted on 16 Sep, 2013, by in Babes

The UEFA Champions League is very serious business, but there’s more than just football to it, obviously. So taking a stroll through a gallery with some of the teams’ hottest fans isn’t a bad way to get ready for the beginning of the most prestigious club football competition in the world. More

Soccer Fans Do it Better – Legia Warsaw Fans Throw Snowballs While PAOK Fans Throw Flares

Posted on 21 Feb, 2012, by in Soccer

PAOK fans impress us with their fireworks, Legia Warsaw fans impress with their originality by hitting Sporting players in a coordinated snowball attack before their Europe League match. More

A Song of Football and Fire

Posted on 8 Dec, 2011, by in Featured

Nothing creates an atmosphere in sport stadiums, preferably open ones, like flares and the engulfing smoke and fire making the pitch and stand look like hell on earth. As long as it’s not used for violent actions, flares and soccer fans are a beautiful thing. More

Cristiano Ronaldo Hated For No Reason?

Posted on 15 Sep, 2011, by in Soccer

Cristiano Ronaldo is used to getting booed and jeered at every stadium he plays. Dinamo Zagreb fans’ treatment of the Real Madrid star gave Ronaldo motivation to shed some light in a mixture of humor and arrogance on why he’s booed by fans. More

Super Soccer Fans – Human Jumbotron

Posted on 15 Mar, 2011, by in Miscellaneous

Completely useless when trying to push your team but completely mesmerizing and jaw dropping to watch – Human Jumbotron soccer fans from North Korea. More

2011 Orange Bowl Fans

Posted on 4 Jan, 2011, by in Photos

Some fan photos from the 2011 Orange Bowl between Stanford and Virginia Tech More

Can’t Argue With This Chargers Fan

Posted on 23 Nov, 2010, by in NFL

After last night, there’s no arguing with him. More