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Franck Ribery on Cristiano Ronaldo Not Deserving the FIFA Ballon d’Or

Posted on 21 Jan, 2014, by in Soccer

While it was pretty quiet on the Lionel Messi front after missing out on the Ballon d’Or for the first time in four years, Franck Ribery was a bit more disappointed that Cristiano Ronaldo, and not him, got to be awarded with the honor, and that Bayern Munich didn’t have as many players as he would like in the FIFA team of the year. More

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Cristiano Ronaldo, Ballon d’Or Winner, Not Messi or Ribery

Posted on 13 Jan, 2014, by in Soccer

As expected, Cristiano Ronaldo is the 2013 Ballon d’Or winner, finishing ahead of Franck Ribery and Lionel Messi in the voting for FIFA’s most prestigious individual award, given to him for a fantastic individual season with Real Madrid and Portugal, even though he didn’t win a single team title. More

Ballon d’Or – Cristiano Ronaldo Going Because He Knows He’ll Win

Posted on 7 Jan, 2014, by in Soccer

It turns out Cristiano Ronaldo is bigger than the actual game of football, because he’s actually agreed to attend the FIFA annual gala, where the Ballon d’Or award will be presented, probably to him. More

Cristiano Ronaldo Really Wants the Ballon d’Or, So Give It To Him

Posted on 11 Dec, 2013, by in Soccer

There will be no rest and peace of mind for Cristiano Ronaldo until he knows he’s finally outdone Lionel Messi in an awards ceremony. For all that he’s done this past year, he might finally have the edge over his “rival”, and his most recent goal scoring spree for Real Madrid will be the clincher in his campaign to win the Ballon d’Or. More

Bayern Munich – Franck Ribery Really Wants to Win the Ballon d’Or

Posted on 26 Nov, 2013, by in Soccer

Knowing that his individual statistics aren’t that impressive when compared to Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, Franck Ribery is trying to campaign his way to the Ballon d’Or, hoping that combining Bayern Munich’s success over the last year and his aggressive approach to the subject will eventually win over the voters. More

Cristiano Ronaldo – The Best Player With a Diva Attitude

Posted on 22 Nov, 2013, by in Soccer

The four-goal performance from Cristiano Ronaldo that put Portugal through into the World Cup might be the deciding factor in FIFA’s voting for the Ballon d’Or. Suddenly, realizing he might actually win this time, the Real Madrid star has made it publicly known that he might show up to the gala and do everyone a favor. More

Bayern Munich – Pep Guardiola Wants More

Posted on 24 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

Winning 5-0 and still going undefeated in both the Bundesliga and the Champions League isn’t enough for Pep Guardiola. He was brought to Bayern Munich to build a dynasty, growing on the success of last year. Winning comfortably against the Czech champions is no cause for celebration. More

Cristiano Ronaldo Has a New Reason to be Unhappy

Posted on 11 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

It’s very important for Cristiano Ronaldo to be recognized as the best footballer in the world, especially by his own teammates and other levels of Real Madrid management. Zinedine Zidane backing Franck Ribery to win the Ballon d’Or has the potential to create another mini-drama, or possibly something bigger. More

Bayern Munich – Making Manchester City Look Like They Don’t Belong

Posted on 3 Oct, 2013, by in Soccer

Another school for pressing and midfield domination was presented by Bayern Munich to an English club, this time Manchester City. Pep Guardiola might not have used a striker, instead giving Thomas Muller the most forward role, but the absolutely wonderful performance from Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Toni Kroos meant that there was really no need for a true number 9 to get what they set out to accomplish. More

Bayern Munich – Franck Ribery & Arjen Robben Solid Among All the Changes

Posted on 15 Sep, 2013, by in Soccer

While Pep Guardiola might be trying too hard to change things that worked perfectly well at Bayern Munich, some things remain the same: The reliance on Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben to be the difference when things don’t work out too well for the champions, especially with their endless list of injured midfielders. More