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Rams vs 49ers

2013 NFL Season, Week 4 – 49ers vs Rams Predictions

Posted on 26 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

The last thing the San Francisco 49ers needed after two consecutive losses and hitting the road on a short week to take on the St. Louis Rams, a team that gave them a lot of trouble and they were unable to beat in two games last season. More

Peyton Manning vs Raiders

2013 NFL Season, Week 3 – Raiders vs Broncos Predictions

Posted on 23 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

It’s been quite a while since a game between the Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders was considered to be a close and unpredictable affair, and the emergence of Terrelle Pryor isn’t going to change considering how well Peyton Manning has been playing. More

Bears vs Steelers

2013 NFL Season, Week 3 – Bears vs Steelers Predictions

Posted on 22 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

The Pittsburgh Steeelrs haven’t been 0-3 in over a decade, but according to the way they’ve looked in their first two games, it’s going to be hard avoiding that fate, especially when facing the Chicago Bears, who are mistake prone, but have enough tools on both ends of the field to make up for them. More

Arian Foster vs Ravens

2013 NFL Season, Week 3 – Texans vs Ravens Predictions

Posted on 22 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

The Houston Texans have made it through this far without a loss thanks to two impressive comebacks. The Baltimore Ravens look nothing like Super Bowl champions, but should do slightly better with each week as they get used to the lack of veterans on defense that has to be affecting the leadership situation in the locker room and on the field. More

Packers vs Benglas

2013 NFL Season, Week 3 – Packers vs Bengals Predictions

Posted on 22 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

It’s always interesting to see how NFL teams try to evolve and get out of certain patterns they’ve gotten used to, making the meeting between the pass-happy Green Bay Packers and the always solid-but-not-spectacular Cincinnati Bengals extremely interesting. More


2013 NFL Season – Week 3 Predictions

Posted on 22 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

In week 3 of the 2013 NFL season, the visit of the Indianapolis Colts to the San Francisco 49ers stands at the center of attention, although the Green Bay Packers trying to get a winning streak at the Cincinnati Bengals or the Pittsburgh Steelers trying to prove this season isn’t lost while hosting the Chicago Bears should be very interesting as well. More

Alabama Touchdown

2013 College Football Season, Week 4 – Top 25 Predictions

Posted on 21 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

Some weeks lack big games, but that will change once the conference-season begins. For now, Alabama shouldn’t have any problems at home against Colorado State and neither should Ohio State against a visiting Florida A&M, while the only game between ranked teams pits Arizona State in a visit to Stanford. More

Chiefs vs Eagles

2013 NFL Season, Week 3 – Chiefs vs Eagles Predictions

Posted on 19 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

While the Andy Reid Bowl will be the focus of the week 3 opener between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, at the heart of this clash will be the attempts of the home side to be more than just a super-quick offensive team, while the visitors will try to simply slow them down, like they’ve done well against their other NFC opponents last week. More

Tajh Boyd

ACC – Clemson vs North Carolina State Predictions

Posted on 19 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

With their sights set on winning the ACC and going to the BCS national championship game, a trip to play North Carolina State ended the very same ambitions for a different team last year, which means the Tigers should be extremely focused as the arrive in Raleigh. More

Steelers vs Bengals

2013 NFL Season, Week 2 – Steelers vs Bengals Predictions

Posted on 16 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

While the Cincinnati Bengals were very close to coming away with the win in their season debut, the Pittsburgh Steelers looked terrible in about every possibly way, bringing the two AFC North rivals with big aspirations to a matchup that has the feeling of a ‘must-win’ to it. More