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NBA Rumors – Golden State Warriors & Boston Celtics Both Got Rid of David Lee & Gerald Wallace

Posted on 8 Jul, 2015, by in NBA

The Boston Celtics just got a whole of a lot better by trading with the Golden State Warriors for David Lee, while getting rid of the now useless Gerald Wallace. More

NBA Rumors – Boston Celtics Trying to Trade Away Gerald Wallace

Posted on 28 Apr, 2015, by in NBA

The Boston Celtics never wanted Gerald Wallace to begin with, and will be trying once again to offload him via trade this offseason, even willing to part with a first round pick in order to give some team the incentive to take him. More

Boston Celtics – No Longer the Worst Team in the NBA

Posted on 7 Nov, 2013, by in NBA

It took the Boston Celtics more than a week to get their first win of the 2013-2014 NBA season, not to mention playing against the team which might be the worst in the league in the Utah Jazz. Brad Stevens has his first win as a head coach, but it’s hard to think of any one player, including point leaders Brandon Bass and Jeff Green, that generates hope for a better than mostly awful season. More

NBA Rumors – Boston Celtics Trying to Trade Gerald Wallace & Kris Humphries

Posted on 14 Jul, 2013, by in NBA

While the Boston Celtics insist they’re planning on trying to make the playoffs next season, they’re also trying to move Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries, mostly due to the terrible contracts that go along with the two players. More

Brooklyn Nets – Brook Lopez Keeps the Season Alive

Posted on 30 Apr, 2013, by in NBA

Unlike the rest of his teammates, Brook Lopez has been a symbol of offensive consistency for the Brooklyn Nets, looking better and more dangerous with each game that passes in the first round series. His best game so far kept his team in the playoffs, although they’ll need more than just him to make it into the semifinals. More

Brooklyn Nets – Deron Williams Shines Through Injury

Posted on 27 Nov, 2012, by in NBA

Some nights on a long NBA season mean more than others. The Brooklyn Nets shouldn’t be only about owning the city; this is about turning the franchise into a perennial playoff contender and even more, like it was a decade ago. Deron Williams, injured or not, is the center of all that hope and ambition. More

Brooklyn Nets – Presenting the Core Four

Posted on 24 Jul, 2012, by in NBA

In order to lure fans and get them excited about the Nets’ first season in Brooklyn, the franchise decided to take Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez and Gerald Wallace and label them as the ‘Core Four’; Big X just doesn’t cut it anymore, and this isn’t exactly the most impressive bunch of superstars ever assembled. More

Top Five Small Forwards in the NBA, Going Into 2010-2011

Posted on 9 Oct, 2010, by in NBA

Part III of our best-by-position preview for the 2010-2011 NBA season, here are the top 5 Small Forwards in the league. More

The NBA’s All-Division Teams, Part III (Southeast Division)

Posted on 9 Mar, 2010, by in NBA

Part III of our All-Division Teams selection and our final stop in the East before we head out West, finishing with the Southeast conference. More