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Lionel Messi – A Birthday Boy With Only One Thing Left to Get

Posted on 24 Jun, 2013, by in Featured

As Lionel Messi turns 26, and from a Peter-Panish forever child he becomes, in front of out eyes, an actual adult, once again the only thing missing from his incredible long list of achievements pops to mind – winning the World Cup with Argentina, so the argument over the best footballer of all time might finally be decided. More

Michael Jordan Won’t Be the Greatest of All Time Forever

Posted on 17 Feb, 2013, by in NBA

Before Michael Jordan, there were Magic Johnson, and Oscar Robertson and Wilt Chamberlain. And those who watched them during their prime moved along, although the Magic-Michael era was pretty close. Still, players’ legacy are only as good as the memory of the dominating media members. At some point, Jordan won’t be the one mentioned as all-time greatest in the NBA. More

LeBron James – What He Should Say to All the Haters

Posted on 23 Jun, 2012, by in Featured

What would you say to everyone who poured tons of hate on you for two years after achieving what you came for? LeBron James, finally an NBA champion, and suddenly he’s not the most hated athlete in America anymore. Maybe he never really was, and everyone were simply brainwashed by a media that felt right to last out at him for the wrong reasons? More

Michael Jordan Still Affecting Our Lives

Posted on 24 Dec, 2011, by in NBA

Air Jordans are still one of the most popular brand names in the world, despite the fact that Michael Jordan hasn’t played basketball since 2003 and isn’t one of the most popular owners in the NBA. More

If You’d Have to Pick the Greatest NBA Player in History…

Posted on 27 Aug, 2011, by in Featured

Being a 90’s kid, Michael Jordan will always be the one. GOAT, some call it. The greatest basketball player of all time, the best to wear an NBA jersey. One of the greatest, most dominant and popular athletes of all time. I’m bought, what can I do. But this being a subjective matter, there are other opinions. And we’re here to present them, and the players, who at least by some or more, are considered as the greatest NBA player in history. More

Pele Doesn’t Like it When Lionel Messi is Compared to Him

Posted on 24 Jun, 2011, by in Soccer

Pele’s latest attempt to stay relevant while pushing himself into the Santos celebration takes aim at Lionel Messi’s place in history and compared to Pele himself. More

Greatest Soccer Legends Of All Time

Posted on 5 Sep, 2010, by in Soccer

New season, old arguments. We’re kicking off our “Greatest Ever…” project with the most popular sport in the world and the legends of present and past, shedding a light and our opinion on who is the greatest soccer player of all time, and who will still be remembered as THE Greatest in the future. More