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Kenny Dalglish is the Highest Paid Manager in the Premier League This Season

Posted on 20 Mar, 2013, by in Soccer

Not having a job is sometimes better than actually being employed, if you’re Kenny Dalglish, who was sacked by Liverpool at the end of last season, but will still make more money by the end of this season than any other working manager in the English Premier League. More

Best Paying Teams in the World

Posted on 6 Jun, 2012, by in Featured

Football/Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and its biggest clubs, all based in Europe, are the best sports franchises to play for, featuring seven teams in the top 10 of the best paying sport clubs in the world. Barcelona and Real Madrid are no.1 and no.2 in this one as well, as you would expect. Success isn’t cheap. More

The Top Ten Highest Paid MLB Players in 2012

Posted on 12 Apr, 2012, by in Featured

Alex Rodriguez leads the highest salary list in MLB once again, getting overpaid for producing less and less each year, like most huge contracts tend to do. He’s joined by two other Yankees in the top 4, while the Detroit Tigers send three players as well into the list of mostly overpaid players. More

The NBA’s Top Ten Highest Player Salaries for 2011-2012

Posted on 21 Dec, 2011, by in Featured

The ten highest paid players in the post Lockout NBA, showing us, with three teams having two players on this list, that financial parity will take a long time to achieve, if at all. The average salary of the top 10 is $19.7 million and yes, Rashard Lewis is still among them. More

The Highest Paid Baseball Players in 2011

Posted on 11 Jul, 2011, by in Featured

The nine MLB players making over 20 million dollars in 2011, most of them without producing the expected numbers. And yes, three of them are from the New York Yankees. More

Highest Paid Footballers in the World for 2010-2011

Posted on 19 Jun, 2011, by in Featured

Four leagues and eight clubs share among them the 11 soccer players with the highest salary in the Footballing world. Messi and Ronaldo, again, fighting for the number one spot. More

The NBA’s Top Ten Highest Player Salaries for 2010-2011

Posted on 22 Sep, 2010, by in NBA

The ten highest paid players in the NBA heading into the 2010-2011 season. More

Baseball’s Top Ten Highest Paid Players for 2010

Posted on 30 Apr, 2010, by in MLB

The ten highest paid Major League Baseball players in 2010 More

Highest Paid Footballers in the World for 2009-2010

Posted on 19 Feb, 2010, by in Soccer

Here is us providing you with one of mans greatest desires – to know how big is the paycheck of someone else, especially if he’s a big star and much more successful than us, so we can complain how much more we deserve it than them – the top 14 highest paid soccer players in the world. More

The NBA’s Top Ten Highest Player Salaries for 2009-2010

Posted on 1 Oct, 2009, by in NBA

The top ten best paid players in the NBA, going into the 2009-2010 season. More