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NBA Rumors – Houston Rockets Have a Big Problem Called James Harden

Posted on 22 Nov, 2015, by in NBA

It’s funny how quickly perceptions change: Daryl Morey is no longer a genius, Kevin McHale was never a good head coach, the Houston Rockets look awful, and James Harden goes from MVP to the biggest problem on the team. More

James Harden

NBA Rumors – Houston Rockets Unhappy with James Harden, But he Doesn’t Change

Posted on 19 Nov, 2015, by in NBA

Just like in the intro to Fallout 4, the protagonist talks about war never changing, the same can be said about James Harden, who did the same things he usually does for the Houston Rockets in a 109-104 win over the Portland Trail Blazers, ignoring the criticism from his teammates and others while making it seem like all the team needed was to actually fire Kevin McHale. More

Broken Promises

20 Best Memes of James Harden Defense & Ball Hogging Getting Kevin McHale Fired

Posted on 18 Nov, 2015, by in NBA

The Houston Rockets have fired Kevin McHale and James Harden not changing, or his head coach and general manager not being able to change his tendency to hog the ball and give 0 effort on defense result in surprising chaos for a usually healthy, stable franchise, and obviously plenty of memes. More

James Harden

NBA Rumors – Houston Rockets, James Harden Biggest Disappointment of the Season so Far

Posted on 17 Nov, 2015, by in NBA

Are 11 NBA games enough to draw significant conclusions about the Houston Rockets and James Harden? Maybe, when you see the same kind of problems that have been there for quite some time, while some sort of apathy has shrouded this team. More

James Harden

Houston Rockets, James Harden Ruined it for Jeremy Lin; Doing the same to Ty Lawson

Posted on 15 Nov, 2015, by in NBA

The Dallas Mavericks stunned the Houston Rockets 110-98, losing another game in which James Harden acted like he’s the only player on the floor. Ty Lawson might wanna call up Jeremy Lin in Charlotte and ask him how to handle being used like a forgotten second guard standing all alone in the corner. More

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NBA Rumors – Houston Rockets Should be Ashamed They Lost to the Brooklyn Nets

Posted on 12 Nov, 2015, by in NBA

Maybe it shouldn’t be too surprising that the Houston Rockets are the ones who become the first team that loses to the Brooklyn Nets this season. They’ve been inconsistent, even when James Harden and Dwight Howard are playing, since 2015-2016 began. More

James Harden

NBA Rumors – Houston Rockets Cheated to Beat the Los Angeles Clippers

Posted on 8 Nov, 2015, by in NBA

The Los Angeles Clippers lose two in a row, this time 109-105 to the Houston Rockets, despite all the high flying from Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Chris Paul didn’t play, James Harden getting to the free throw line with ease, Lance Stephenson air balls in unique ways and above all is Dwight Howard illegally blocking a shot and getting away with it. More

Jeremy Lin

Charlotte Hornets – Jeremy Lin & the Opinions That Define Him

Posted on 5 Nov, 2015, by in NBA

With the first win of the season out of the way for the Charlotte Hornets and Jeremy Lin, it’s a good opportunity to stop and think why there seems to be a big difference between opinions regarding Lin and his ability/potential between NBA fans and obviously the guys who are more important and influential when it comes to his career, his head coaches. More

James Harden

Houston Rockets – James Harden Starts Playing When he Faces Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook

Posted on 3 Nov, 2015, by in NBA

There was nothing to be worried about. Three losses might sting a bit, but the Houston Rockets are better than that, and James Harden, as annoying as he can be in some of his games, is too good of a player not to bounce back from a bad start. More

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Houston Rockets – James Harden is the Worst Player in the NBA for one Night

Posted on 29 Oct, 2015, by in NBA

The Houston Rockets are expected to contend for a spot in the NBA Finals out of the loaded West. In the team’s opening night in front of 18,240 fans inside the Toyota Center, they lost 105-85 to the Denver Nuggets, a team some think is the worst in the NBA. All this with James Harden having the kind of night that makes him nothing but a nuisance. More