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Houston Rockets – Isaiah Canaan Makes Up for James Harden Misses

Posted on 27 Nov, 2014, by in NBA

We already know James Harden doesn’t really care how much he shoots and misses, but he probably outdid himself and still got away with it as the Houston Rockets beat the Sacramento Kings 102-89 thanks to Isaiah Canaan going wild with his three-point shooting. More

Jeremy Lin, Chandler Parsons Isaiah Canaan & Patrick Beverley Re-Enacting Django Unchained

Posted on 11 Apr, 2014, by in Miscellaneous

This website usually takes Jeremy Lin business very seriously, but I’m not Greg, so this has nothing do with actual basketball. What is it about? Houston Rockets players – Jeremy Lin, Chandler Parsons Isaiah Canaan & Patrick Beverley repeating a dialogue from the film Django Unchained, with Dwight Howard doing the filming. More

Houston Rockets – James Harden on Fire, Jeremy Lin a Little Less

Posted on 9 Apr, 2014, by in NBA

There was never going to be a lot of defense as the Houston Rockets clashed with the Los Angeles Lakers, and no surprises whatsoever happened with the Rockets winning 145-130 with an excellent performance from both James Harden and Terrence Jones while Jeremy Lin was a bit more in the background, not taking advantage of not getting enough of a chance to put up the big numbers almost everyone seemed to do against the Lakers. More