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16 Best Memes of J.R. Smith Screwing LeBron James & the Cavaliers

Posted on 1 Jun, 2018, by in NBA

Thanks to perhaps the most boneheaded play in the history of NBA Final games, J.R. Smith earned himself a place in meme hall of fame – and he was quite … More

LeBron backstabbing Wade

16 Best Memes of the Cleveland Cavaliers & LeBron James Trading Half the Team

Posted on 9 Feb, 2018, by in NBA

A day of goodbyes and welcomes in Cleveland. The effort to keep LeBron James happy and with the team after free agency resulted in trading away half of the Cleveland Cavaliers roster, including Isaiah Thomas and Dwyane Wade, and something this big couldn’t go by without memes addressing the issue. More

NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers, Luxury Tax & Bringing J.R. Smith Back

Posted on 11 Sep, 2016, by in NBA

Building a championship team doesn’t have to be expensive. Keeping it together is, as the Cleveland Cavaliers are learning. The rise in the salary cap does help them cut a little bit of their enormous wage bill, but it still makes them luxury tax offenders, and they still haven’t signed J.R. Smith. More

NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers, J.R. Smith Close to Signing a Contract

Posted on 1 Sep, 2016, by in NBA

Just like last summer, J.R. Smith might be holding out for big money and an offer from another team, but in the end, it doesn’t make any sense for him and the Cleveland Cavaliers not to stay together. More

NBA Rumors – Cleveland Cavaliers Not Worried About LeBron James & J.R. Smith Still Unsigned

Posted on 11 Aug, 2016, by in NBA

The Cleveland Cavaliers still aren’t done signing players or looking for trades to improve the roster. Both LeBron James and J.R. Smith remained unsigned, and the Cavaliers will probably hold off signing them until they make a trade or decide there’s nothing good enough out there for them. More

NBA Rumors – Cleveland Cavaliers Need to Decide on J.R. Smith

Posted on 18 Jul, 2016, by in NBA

Just like last year, J.R. Smith is waiting for a big offer to come his way, but the Cleveland Cavaliers might not be inclined to give him one. More

30 Best Memes of LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers Celebrating an NBA Championship

Posted on 26 Jun, 2016, by in NBA

It’s been a week since the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James stunned the Golden State Warriors, winning the NBA championship. The memes haven’t stopped coming. More

NBA Rumors – Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics Have a Hate Thing Going On

Posted on 15 Dec, 2015, by in NBA

The Cleveland Cavaliers meeting the Boston Celtics for the first time this season is filled with negative emotion and maybe some hate built up since last season’s playoff series. Jae Crowder is especially focused on J.R. Smith, while there’s also the Kevin Love and Kelly Olynyk angel. LeBron James and his long history with Boston teams? That’s not even the most interesting thing. More

NBA Rumors – Cleveland Cavaliers Don’t Completely Believe in J.R. Smith

Posted on 8 Sep, 2015, by in NBA

It took time, but eventually the Cleveland Cavaliers and J.R. Smith found a way to get a deal done and signed a two-year contract although surprisingly, not all of it is guaranteed. More

NBA Rumors – Cleveland Cavaliers Making J.R. Smith Pay for His Mistake

Posted on 18 Aug, 2015, by in NBA

By now, J.R. Smith knows it was a huge mistake to opt out of his deal. The Cleveland Cavaliers still want to sign him, but for less than money than he was going to make, and there aren’t many offers for him out there. More