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NFL Rumors – Atlanta Falcons Hoping Jake Long Can Help Fix Offensive Line Problems

Posted on 9 Sep, 2015, by in NFL

The Atlanta Falcons need some serious help at offensive line, but is Jake Long, a left tackle, the man for the job? More

NFL Rumors – New York Giants, Denver Broncos & Atlanta Falcons Interested in Signing Jake Long

Posted on 30 Jul, 2015, by in NFL

After being released by the St. Louis Rams, Jake Long is doing a tour of visits, hoping to land a deal with one of the following three: The New York Giants, Denver Broncos or Atlanta Falcons. More

NFL Rumors – New York Giants Interested in Signing Jake Long

Posted on 29 May, 2015, by in NFL

Problems with the offensive line for the New York Giants (nothing new) might lead them to make a signing very soon, with Jake Long, formerly with the Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams, close to getting a deal. More

2013 NFL Free Agency – Jake Long Picks the St. Louis Rams

Posted on 18 Mar, 2013, by in NFL

Not a lot of activity, as teams are kinda hesitant to make moves for the remaining player, but one big piece was taken off the market, as Jake Long decided to leave the Miami Dolphins and become the new left tackle of the St. Louis Rams after finding it hard to choose between the two. More

NFL Rumors – Miami Dolphins & St. Louis Rams Fighting for Jake Long

Posted on 16 Mar, 2013, by in NFL

The moment Jake Long began playing in the NFL, he was one of the best blindside tackles in the game, but injuries have slowed him down the last couple of years, making him not so appealing to everyone this off-season, meaning it’s down to staying with the Miami Dolphins or leaving to the St. Louis Rams. More