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Liverpool FC – Philippe Coutinho Needs to be Just as Good Next Season

Posted on 20 May, 2013, by in Soccer

The final day of the season was mostly about Jamie Carragher, getting a proper sending off from the Liverpool fans at Anfield, but it was also about a little taste of the future, which might be brighter than the slightly disappointing present. Philippe Coutinho might be in the center of that tomorrow due to his ability since arriving in January, hoping he’ll pick off in a few months right where he left off. More

Liverpool FC – Philippe Coutinho & Daniel Sturridge Can’t Explode Every Week

Posted on 6 May, 2013, by in Soccer

A Merseyside derby used to be a fiery affair with red cards and injured players scattered across the pitch. Times have changed, especially for Liverpool football club, about to finish beneath their city rivals for a second consecutive season, while all the talent in the world, from Philippe Coutinho, Daniel Sturridge and an energetic Steven Gerrard couldn’t give Jamie Carragher a nice farewell present, sending him off from the derby with a home win at Anfield. More

Liverpool FC – Luis Suarez Always Makes Up for Jamie Carragher

Posted on 22 Feb, 2013, by in Soccer

The power of Anfield was enough for about 60 minutes to push Liverpool to one of those special European nights, but even the prowess of Luis Suarez from set pieces (two wonderful free kick goals) wasn’t enough to make up for the mistake of Jamie Carragher early on. More

Liverpool FC – Luis Suarez Has to Play Next to Daniel Sturridge

Posted on 18 Feb, 2013, by in Soccer

If recent weeks haven’t proven it already, the 5-0 demolition of Swansea showed Brendan Rodgers what everybody knows – Liverpool have to play with two forwards, strikers more likely, in the lineup. Fabio Borini is once again injured, so as it should be, it’s pretty much up to Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge. More

Liverpool FC – Jamie Carragher Isn’t Important Anymore

Posted on 22 Jan, 2013, by in Soccer

Clubs need to be loyal to players and the other way around is also true, but there are limitations. Holding on to expensive players just because they used to be great players isn’t very wise financially, which means that Jamie Carragher won’t be a Liverpool player for very long. More

Liverpool FC – Luis Suarez Gets the Partner He Needed

Posted on 20 Jan, 2013, by in Soccer

Is it all smooth sailing from here, now that Luis Suarez has Daniel Sturridge playing with him at the front? Probably not, but it’s hard to deny the impact Sturridge has had since arriving at Liverpool and the way the entire team looks better when he plays. Or maybe it’s just the Norwich factor kicking in. More

Liverpool FC – Brendan Rodgers Still Has Plenty of Work

Posted on 24 Aug, 2012, by in Soccer

The fact that Liverpool traveled to Edinburgh without Luis Suarez and Steven Gerrard was no excuse for another bad performance, somehow scraping an away victory thanks to an own goal from Andy Webster, probably giving the Reds the ticket to the Europa League group stage. More

Rough Times at Anfield – What’s Wrong and What Should Be Done With Liverpool

Posted on 18 Oct, 2010, by in Soccer

From old and hated owners to new ones, who bring in money and hope, and Roy Hodgson’s troubles with ways of getting out of the current crisis. More

Great Impersonations of Gerrard, Carragher and More…

Posted on 11 Feb, 2010, by in Miscellaneous

Really funny impersonations of Rafa Benitez, Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, Michael Owen and Peter Crouch. More

Top Ten Premiership All Time Appearances Leaders

Posted on 9 Sep, 2009, by in Soccer

The Top Ten all-time appearances leaders in the English Premiership. More