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NFL Rumors – Detroit Lions & Kansas City Chiefs Reaching the Point of No Return

Posted on 12 Oct, 2015, by in NFL

Both the Kansas City Chiefs (1-4) and Detroit Lions (0-5) didn’t expect the season to start like this. But with nine consecutive losses between them, it’s no longer just a matter of making the playoffs or not. It’s now a case of two head coaches, Andy Reid and Jim Caldwell, possibly coaching for their jobs if things continue to deteriorate, while questions about quarterbacks Alex Smith and Matthew Stafford need to be asked. More

NFL Rumors – Detroit Lions Refusing to Implode

Posted on 7 Oct, 2015, by in NFL

The Detroit Lions are the only team in the NFL without a win so far this season, but head coach Jim Caldwell refuses to let things get out of hand, and wants his players to forget about the illegal play K.J. Wright made in order to seal the win for the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football. More

Jim Caldwell

Detroit Lions – Jim Caldwell Becomes Their New Head Coach

Posted on 15 Jan, 2014, by in NFL

The Detroit Lions didn’t need too many interviews with candidates or more than two weeks to pick their next head coach, which happens to be Jim Caldwell, serving as the quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens over the last couple of seasons. More

Baltimore Ravens – Ray Rice is More Important Than Joe Flacco

Posted on 12 Dec, 2012, by in NFL

Two losses and a 9-4 season isn’t usually a good enough reason to get someone fired, but the Baltimore Ravens felt that they were going in the wrong direction, especially on offense. Joe Flacco not getting it done with the no-huddle offense, especially on the road, while Ray Rice wasn’t used as much as he should be. More

Everything Changes for Colts, Manning and Luck With Wayne TD

Posted on 23 Dec, 2011, by in NFL

Peyton Manning will be playing for the Indianapolis Colts next year, and with Reggie Wayne picking up another win for the now not-worst-in-the-NFL franchise, the destination of Andrew Luck might not be as certain as it was just a week ago. More