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Texas A&M Over South Carolina – Quarterback Transition Goes Smoothly

Posted on 29 Aug, 2014, by in NFL

Out with the old, in with the new. Texas A&M had no problem entering the post-Johnny Manziel era, coming up with one of their biggest wins since joining the SEC, beating #9 ranked South Carolina 52-28 in Columbia, presenting sophomore quarterback Kenny Hill, looking almost flawless on his first start for the Aggies. More

Texas A&M Aggies – Johnny Manziel Always Finds a Way

Posted on 13 Oct, 2013, by in NFL

Without the defense from last year, there seems to be even more pressure than ever before on Johnny Manziel to perform like a Heisman. Even when his passing game isn’t at its best and an early injury threatens to take him out, the Texas A&M hero always finds a way to deliver. More

Texas A&M Aggies – Johnny Manziel Back on the Road to the Heisman

Posted on 22 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

Voters get bored quickly and don’t often give Heisman trophies to the same player more than once. In fact, Archie Griffin is the only one to get it twice, back-to-back. Johnny Manziel might not be leading Texas A&M to a national championship, but there’s no reason to ignore he’s the best player in College Football. More

Texas A&M Aggies – Johnny Manziel Shouldn’t Change a Thing

Posted on 2 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

If pointing at the scoreboard while you’re winning is wrong, than something is very wrong with College Football and even sports. Johnny Manziel might not be the most mature quarterback to star in the NCAA, but taunting opponents and doing a something that makes him look less of a robot doesn’t make him an idiot, immature or give Texas A&M any reason to further suspend him. More

Texas A&M Aggies – Johnny Manziel Too Good for Words

Posted on 5 Jan, 2013, by in NFL

Like almost every other Texas A&M game this surprising season, it was mostly about Johnny Manziel cultivating his legend and setting records, this time for yards in a Cotton Bowl game. More

Texas A&M Aggies – The Growing Legend of Johnny Manziel

Posted on 11 Nov, 2012, by in NFL

Freshman quarterbacks aren’t supposed to be this good, and hardly ever win big, huge games. Not against number one teams. But Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M is something else, leading the Aggies to one of the biggest BCS busters of the year, taking down #1 Alabama in what might cost an SEC team not just an undefeated season, but the national title for the first time in seven years. More