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Brooklyn Nets – This Season Will be More Depressing Than Before

Posted on 16 Oct, 2014, by in NBA

The most expensive team in the history of the NBA when you count in luxury tax, and the Brooklyn Nets are slowly decaying. Maybe it’s just a phase, but it seems like more of a slippery slope to irrelevance, without putting on the kind of basketball shows that make people feel happy that they’re watching. More

NBA Rumors – Golden State Warriors Head Coach Candidates

Posted on 14 May, 2014, by in NBA

The Golden State Warriors really want Steve Kerr, but it seems like he’ll end up with the New York Knicks. They were interested in Stan Van Gundy to fill in for Mark Jackson, but he signed with the Detroit Pistons. Who is left? George Karl, Lionel Hollins and possibly even Tom Thibodeau, who is coaching the Chicago Bulls, are leading the shortlist of names that the Warriors would like to see as their head coach. More

Golden State Warriors Fire Mark Jackson – Who Comes Next?

Posted on 7 May, 2014, by in NBA

The rumors have been circulating for quite some time, but now it’s official: The Golden State Warriors fired Mark Jackson despite taking them to the playoffs for two consecutive seasons as taking a step backwards in the eye of ownership was something that couldn’t be glanced over, leaving an opening for guys like Steve Kerr, Lionel Hollins, Stan Van Gundy and maybe even Fred Hoiberg. More

Los Angeles Lakers Fire Mike D’Antoni – Who Comes Next?

Posted on 1 May, 2014, by in NBA

Almost two full years as the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers were enough for Mike D’Antoni amid the ongoing speculation of his job security, which now means that as the team heads into a massive rebuild, a new head coach, with names like Byron Scott, Kevin Ollie, George Karl, Lionel Hollins, John Calipari and possibly even Ettore Messina as likely candidates. More

Memphis Grizzlies – Zach Randolph & Marc Gasol Were Overrated

Posted on 28 May, 2013, by in NBA

For the first two series in the postseason, Zach Randolph was unstoppable in the post, while Marc Gasol justified his selection as the defensive player of the year, clogging the lane to any drives to the basket while operating at extreme efficiency on the offensive side. Then came the Western Conference Finals, and all the perceptions about the best big-man duo in the NBA were proven wrong. More

Memphis Grizzlies – Zach Randolph Can’t Be the Only Offensive Option

Posted on 26 May, 2013, by in NBA

The bag of tricks Lionel Hollins has for his Memphis Grizzlies offense is empty. Mike Conley isn’t good enough to win games simply through scoring, while the more traditional and successful (until the conference finals) of offensive solutions; giving the ball to Marc Gasol as the pivot and Zach Randolph at the post up have simply stopped working. More

Memphis Grizzlies – Zach Randolph This Bad Makes it Impossible to Win

Posted on 20 May, 2013, by in NBA

If Zach Randolph scores only 2 points while shooting a terrible 1-for-8 from the field, it’s as if the Memphis Grizzlies haven’t even shown up to the first game of the Western Conference Finals. To make matters worse, their defense was non-existent compared to usual, as Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, Tony Allen and Tayshaun Prince simply couldn’t keep up with the ball movement and passing they were facing. More

Longest Serving NBA Head Coaches

Posted on 20 Sep, 2012, by in Featured

Longevity is a rarity in the demanding world of pro sports, and the NBA is a fine example, with only nine head coaches who have been with their current teams for over three years. Most of them are guys who are either three or four season on the team, but Doc Rivers (Boston Celtics), George Karl (Denver Nuggets) and Gregg Popovich stand out by holding on to their currents jobs for over seven years. More