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Miami Marlins – Worst Season in Over a Decade

Posted on 3 Oct, 2012, by in MLB

New ballpark, Marlins Park, didn’t help. Signing free agents worth more than $200 million didn’t help. Bringing in Ozzie Guillen to be the manager certainly did no good. Nothing seemed to work for the ambitious project that was supposed to make the Miami Marlins into a force to be reckoned with. More

2012 Opening Day Lost in the Confusion

Posted on 5 Apr, 2012, by in MLB

The Miami Marlins didn’t have the greatest of debuts in their new home park, losing to the St. Louis Cardinals 4-1 in a second opening day for the 2012 MLB season, which actually opened a week ago in Tokyo, Japan, in a two game series between the A’s and the Mariners. Did anyone notice, anyone at all? More