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Oribe Peralta Surprisingly Shines in Olympic Football Gold Medal Match (Mexico vs Brazil)

Posted on 11 Aug, 2012, by in Soccer

This was supposed to be it for Brazil, but no matter how talented their teams over the years tend to be, the gold medal is always a bit out of reach. This time it was Mexico and two goals from veteran striker Oribe Peralta that were too much for the favorites, losing yet again in another Olympic football tournament final, this time 2-1. More

2012 Italian Supercup Goes to the Champions (Juventus vs Napoli)

Posted on 11 Aug, 2012, by in Soccer

Juventus’ off the field problems involving Antonio Conte recieving a 10 month ban didn’t affect the Italian champions in the first match of the 2012-2013 season, beating Napoli 4-2 in the Supercoppa Italiana, winning the title for the first time since 2005 and starting 2012 on a very promising note. More

Cristiano Ronaldo Back to Scoring Goals (Real Madrid vs AC Milan)

Posted on 9 Aug, 2012, by in Soccer

The 5-1 scoreline doesn’t lie. Except for a few moments in the first half, the new and downgraded AC Milan hardly had any touches throughout the match, while Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice and Angel Di Maria delivered a beautiful goal to open the match, with a world of difference between the two teams in the New York friendly. More

Lionel Messi and Nothing Much Else (Barcelona vs Manchester United)

Posted on 9 Aug, 2012, by in Soccer

It’s been more than 3 years since Manchester United met Barcelona in the Champions League final, and not much has changed, except for the Barcelona head coach. Lionel Messi is the best player on the pitch, with almost anything good Barca produce during his time on the pitch, while his team’s depth and quality was once again too much for Ferguson’s men to handle. More

Lionel Messi and friends testing the New Mega Club (Barcelona vs PSG)

Posted on 5 Aug, 2012, by in Soccer

While Barcelona aren’t at full capacity yet, with Tito Vilanova still trying and tweaking things in his lineup, PSG are up and running with their strongest possible starting XI. After making a few big changes and maybe still yet to come, with the ambitions they have, there’s no use in gradually trying to blend the new players. More

Euro 2012 Final – Spain vs Italy Summary

Posted on 1 Jul, 2012, by in Soccer

No one was really surprised that Spain beat Italy in the final of Euro 2012, but no one expected for the Spanish players, especially Xavi, Iniesta and David Silva to produce their finest performance of the tournament, leading the team to a devastating 4-0 win and a record third consecutive major international title, leaving the Italians stunned and crushed. More

Euro 2012 – Italy vs Germany Summary

Posted on 28 Jun, 2012, by in Soccer

Another masterpiece from Andrea Pirlo while Mario Balotelli showed levels of clinical finishing no one knew he had. Germany compeltely fell apart, throwing away one streak out the window while continuing their lack of success against Italy on the biggest stages. Euro 2012 has only one match left, the final – Spain against Italy for a second time in this tournament. More

Euro 2012 – Spain vs Portugal Summary

Posted on 27 Jun, 2012, by in Soccer

Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to be the fifth kicker for Portugal, the hero. Instead, he didn’t even get a chance to shoot, as Cesc Fabregas scored Spain’s fifth penalty and sent them to their second consecutive Euro final after a rather dull 0-0 Semifinal. More

Euro 2012 – England vs Italy Summary

Posted on 24 Jun, 2012, by in Soccer

Before the quarterfinals, this matches was labeled as the one that could be the first in Euro 2012 to end in a 0-0 and give us the dreaded penalty kicks. Italy tried to avoid them, England tried to avoid conceding, and in the end justice prevailed as Italy came through in the penalty shootout. More

Euro 2012 – Spain vs France Summary

Posted on 23 Jun, 2012, by in Soccer

With a 4-6-0 or a 4-5-1, Spain are simply very close to impossible to beat. France barely got any opportunities to threaten Casillas’ goal or even get a long stretch of possession. Spain didn’t play no fantasy soccer, but when you midfield unit is built upon the best in the world, there’s hardly a chance of beating them unless you play a perfect game. More